13.1 miles gives you lots of time to think

we did it!
saturday we woke up at 4:30 and headed to where the buses would shuttle us to the starting line. the bus drive to the start felt sooo long since I knew that was our race route but it was only about 20 min ha.
once we got there, we still had about an hour left to wait. so we jogged around warming up/trying to stay warm. we didn't hear the start! but the pushing forward was sign enough.
us three girls started out together but by mile 5 I was on my own. the next 8.1 miles gave me pleeeenty of time to hang out in my head and observe other people...
--the staredown between cyclists and runners? it's real. there were rude gesture and snarky comments on who had the right of way
--the granny I drafted for about 2 miles was a beast
--there's something humbling about older runners, whether it be the ones who are passing me or who are doing the best they can in the back. if they can do it at 70, I sure as heck should be able to do it at 19
--there was an old man with a running shirt that said pain you enjoy. true statement
--the heavens were smiling down upon us when they sent a shirtless mens cross country team and that other man with the tan and six pack. I may have run a little bit faster after that
--to the, uh, large hairy gentleman who ran past me: I commend you for your confidence
--there was a group of matchy matchy moms who ran together the whole time. I decided that's going to be me in 15 years
--when the finish line was in sight, I sprinted and in my head shouted sucker! like a third grader to the girl I passed

and last but not least
 if I can do a half, why not do a full marathon?


  1. Nice! I definitely want to do a half marathon sometime, but I do not think I'm up for it yet. At all.
    As for the full marathon... go for it!!!

  2. That is so awesome! I want to start training for a half marathing soon (because I'm definitely not ready for it now HA). Good luck doing a full!

  3. Way to go! I'm so proud of you!!

  4. you still won't be as old as me in 15 years...too funny! So congrats again on your first!! Do your full before kids (or marriage even). The training a beast and time consuming, which is why I won't be doing it. Maybe when I am 70, I will have the time to train...will you train with me then? You rock girlie!!! Keep it up, so proud of u!!!