life has been pretty generous with these memorable tidbits lately. chuckle away friends...
-nothing like digging through old pictures and finding a photo strip of me and an old boyfriend...and then realizing he just got married.
-trying to stop on a bicycle that's too tall for me in a maxi skirt. that car full of boys had every right to laugh because it was quite a sight.
-talking to an attractive man and spitting like a llama. sho shexy.
-the eyes-half-open-mouth-gaping-and-most-likely-drooling way I sleep. it's hot.
-trying to take off a ridiculously tight sports bra and accidentally snapping my face.
-looking at wedding rings at work and a co-worker saying "ooooh getting engaged?" emmm no. I just like looking at rings.
-jumping off a tall tree on a rope swing and not hanging on. twice.
-going to my secret nap spot during my lunch break and finding my boss there snoring on the bench. sooo maybe a not so secret spot.

-the custodian knocking on the bathroom door to check if anyone was in there and my panicked reply of "I'm going to the bathroom!!" sheer brilliance.
-going from standing to sitting with sore legs. it made going to the bathroom a struggle. or gut-busting hilarious for the person in the stall next to me when my legs gave out and I lost my balance.
-eating something that apparently didn't sit well and not wanting a moment like this...so I sat on a different couch than him.

wouldn't life be boring without all of these entertaining moments? Ha.
Happy Wednesday everybody!
I'm ready for the weekend.


  1. Haha I think I have felt all of those awkward moments. :) Thanks so much for linking up today on my blog, this was great!


  2. Oh, I so needed to good laugh tonight!!