we went crepe-zy

for sarah's last official night, we threw a crepe party and invited a bunch of our favorite people. judging from the giant mess of dirty dishes, mustaches, and chairs strewn about everywhere this morning, I'd say it was a success!
ky was the master crepe maker and we had a table of yummies to put on top. but before people could eat, they had to get least one picture taken at the photobooth. there were mustaches, masks, beads, and of course, Jorge {pronounced hor-hey}. 
some of the guys were a little hesitant at first with the photobooth but by the end, they were getting into it. but we hostesses were probably the most enthusiastic hehe.
after people had mingled, eaten a socially acceptable number of crepes and left, the real party began. we ate a non-socially acceptable number of crepes and there was a request for a dance party. I never say no to those so out came the ipods, r&b and those booty bumping hip hop moves sarah's been keeping tucked away in the closet ;)
why are parties only on the weekend? we should have parties midweek alllll the time. going to work tired is worth it, am I right?


  1. Those crepes look delicious! That would go great with my blog link-up today. Check it out! :)

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  2. How fun! The photobooth looks like a great idea and crepes are always a good idea haha!
    Stopping by from the blog hop today :)

  3. Crepes are soooo good! It looks like you had fun!
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