For the moment

Well nothing has been too exciting as of late but I figured I might as well blog my stream of thoughts.

I'm still working for mi madre in the "office" and that takes up most of my day when I'm at home. Right now I'm working at Pike Place Market twice a week and that's been really fun---tiring but worth it. Dance is going as well as it can be for this time of year. Stress levels are high in the studio and people are usually tired and cranky but with less than a month left before the show, it's going well. As much as I've tried to stay somewhat busy, I still have a lot of time to think. I've had a lot going through my head the past couple weeks. One especially has been missions. Half of my FHE brothers are in the MTC already and two from last semester are out serving. Some of my other guy friends leave soon as well. Every Wednesday I wonder who from my BYU ward is going into the MTC and I get excited for them. As well as feel a little left behind. Then I think about how in the fall, most of the guys in my ward will be return missionaries. They were once another freshman girl's FHE brothers or friends. It's an interesting cycle and it will be interesting to see what happens when the boys my age return home from their missions.
I guess overall I've been thinking about progression. There have been so many engagements, weddings, babies (planned or unplanned..) the past while and I know many will soon be coming. Just to clarify, this isn't about how I'm anxious to get married. I've thought about it a lot (it's kind of hard not to going to BYU) but I'm not seeking it out. However, if the right guy comes knocking...

But anyways. Today in church we had a lesson on how we can prepare for marriage and although it was the usual lesson, I kind of got something different out of it today. For me, it was a lesson on preparation and personal development. There is still a lot I need to prepare for and before I start working full time, I have some time to do that. I haven't decided on what I want to do yet but I need to do something. Whether that is read some church books, learn how to knit (seriously considering this one...), or basically just improve myself, which I know won't happen overnight or in a month...but it's a goal.
Another thing that I've been thinking about is my personal style. I follow The Daybook and I've kind of become obsessed. I've spent hours on her blog reading, studying her outfits, analyzing, etc.
Slightly unhealthy.
But anyways. Another one of my goals this summer is to redo my wardrobe. Not completely but to add some basic pieces and branch out. I'm kind of tired of mainstream and being matchy-matchy. Which is huge for me since I've been matching my converse to the color of the shirt I wear that day for years. This has slowly been coming one since I got roommates and saw what they wore. I saw some things that I would've never picked or worn myself but I liked it. So I'm going to work my little tushie off this summer, earn money, and thrift shop like it's nobody's business. 

I think that's about it. I'm excited to earn money and to become a thrifty little shopper :} I happen to mention this to Jillian today and we've actually been thinking the same thing. And I went to goodwill with Jessica the other day and it was quite successful. So I've got some thrifty little shopping buddies yay!
Oh and

I wore patriotic colors UNintentionally to church today...

Day weekend 



What were we thinking?

Oh right. This was back in Provo when it rained 5 times in the 8 1/2 months I was there. And we were so happy when it rained for the first time.

Now I get ridiculously excited when I see sun in the morning.


Pike Place Part 1

There's a new honey girl on the block

Working at Pike Place last summer
So for those who don't know, I'm working at Pike Place Market again this summer and I'm kind of excited. Today was my third day including training and I had a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong, it's exhausting work---standing on your feet for hours, dealing with [some] stupid people, and it's all day. But I love it. Here's why.

1. Driving to Seattle in the morning is a little scary for me. But when I go over that little hill on I-5 and see the Seattle skyline in the morning light, it's so worth it. It says "Today is a new day, what are you going to do with it?" Cheesy yes but that's what I think like early in the morning (if I'm not cranky). 

*No I didn't take this picture and no I don't
the photographer's permission to use it. I can't
exactly stop on I-5 and take a picture; that's
what the internet is for :)
2. While getting hot water this morning, I talked to some of the Fish Boys. That's what I call the guys that work at the fish market that is about 3 booths down from ours. They are all really nice and helpful. One of the guys was cutting raw fish. He looked at me sideways and asked if I ate raw fish. I said yes and after some discussion on what I liked best, he said he'd save me a free sample. A sample of fresh, raw, Pacific Northwest tuna just for me. Inside I was fist-pumping and cheering but on the outside I said "wow thank you so much!" Around lunchtime a guy I didn't recognize stopped by the honey stand and said "Here you go." 
I said back to him, "For me?" 
He said, "Yep for the honey girl." 
I liked the sound of that. 
I peeked inside and voila! Beautiful deliciousness. It was pure bliss. 

3. Part One. My aunt and uncle, Holli and Mike, are also my bosses. They're super chill and working for them has been great. 
3. Part Two. Today me and Mike discussed some current events. We compared Lady Gaga to Madonna, analyzed her new songs, and talked about how Mike had Bad Romance stuck in his head. Mike is a 6 foot something tall guy, biker, and used to have a mohawk. And he knows more about Gaga than I do. It's hilarious. 

4. People watching. I do it for hours. People in Seattle are fascinating and way more colorful than the people in Provo were/are. There's diversity, multicolored hair, hippies, and so many other non-bland kinds of people. 

5. Honey sticks--I get to explain to children with dirty hands to please not touch the honey sticks if they aren't buying them all day, I get to explain to people what they are, how to eat them, and basically tell them how delicious they are and that my favorites are apple, sour raspberry, and peach. They are a great perk to my work. Tonight I brought some to the kids I was babysitting and they fell in love. New bribery tool? I think yes. 
         Funny story--->Today a mom was trying to bite open a honey stick for her kid but didn't listen on how to do it. The honey squirted out the other end all over her kid and he promptly started waaaaailing. I handed her a wet paper towel, said "here you go!" and sent them on their way. 

6. The little things that happen at the market. Today a dad with his two sons decked out in the Seattle Sounders gear stopped by the honey stand. The best part is that they all picked out the honey sticks that matched the Sounders colors--green and dark blue  represent!

I'm sure there is a ton more but right now I'm tired, in need of a shower, and ready for bed. Someday I will do the whole tourist thing and take pictures at Pike Place. But for now, a summer of work here we come :) 



Mother's Day was fairly laid back for the most part. And I think that's how my mom wanted it. We made her dinner and played games and hung out afterwards. I think what my mom enjoyed most was having all of her kids home, which who knows when will happen again since I won't be home next Mother's Day. I'm so grateful for my mom and everything she's done for me. Sometimes when I was younger I had those moments where I wished for the cool mom who was perfect and did nothing wrong (admit it...you've all had those moments as well). I've realized that those kind of moms don't exist because people aren't perfect. So I celebrated my human, imperfect mother this year and guess what? I love her for who she is.

The fam. And of course a cat made an appearance.

The best part of this picture is the puff of
smoke from dad's camera.

Dinner that the kids made! And didn't kill each other in the process.

They can't take a serious picture.


One of many webcam photos we took...
 Hope everyone had a great day celebrating the women in their lives!


Making a comeback

It's been 2 weeks since I've been home and although I haven't been just sitting around being a couch potato, I don't feel like I've accomplished a lot. I cook, I clean, and I do office work but there isn't an end goal.
Except now there is.

I've decided to do what I said I wouldn't do and to return to the Academy of Ballet. When I had my last performance in June, I said goodbye for good. Or so I thought. I cried (bawled my eyes out..) because after 13 years of dancing for the Academy and for Sandy (my teacher)...it was finally over. So I wiped my eyes, said peace out, and went to BYU.

I didn't take any rigorous dance classes at school. I'm not sure why exactly but I think it was a combination of fear and not having enough time in my day. BYU is a place where the self esteem of your grades, appearance, and "righteousness" levels all take a large hit. I think I didn't want my already shaky self esteem on dance to completely shatter. The seniors at my studio always get some kind of recognition at the annual performance and my last performance ended on a high note. I wanted to keep it that way.

But this post isn't about last year. It's about this year. I walked into the studio 2 days after I got back to Enumclaw and I packed my leotard and tights (just in case). So many memories rushed back and yet at the same time...it felt like I had never left. So basically to make the story short, Sandy asked if I would be in the end ballet, which is basically the finale piece after all of the class dances. I was flattered and hadn't expected it at all. Those girls have worked hard since September and who was I to just come back after graduating and being gone? Not to mention being out of shape. I felt a little left behind and like a little girl again in a big girls' class. I honestly debated on whether or not to do it. I'd said my goodbyes. I didn't want to be a returnee--there was also the pecking order to consider. I'm pretty sure every dance school (and sport) deals with this kind of a food chain but the hardest working/best dancer/longest dancing/teacher's favorite is at the top of the pecking order. You can guess who's at the bottom. 

Being a returnee messes with the pecking order. You were a senior and at the top but you had your moment to shine...so now what? It's petty and shallow but while you're in the midst of it, it's important. But to wrap up the story, I said yes. I have the time, she needs dancers, it'll keep me in shape, and I've missed it so much.  There's nothing quite like dancing. It's an amazing feeling when you nail a routine down and the endorphins are a rush. I now have something to work for again! So it's time to get in shape super fast for the annual performance that's in 6 weeks...bring it on!


So I was digging through some pictures.....

You'd think I like cats or something.