Friday was hectic but even so, it was a great day. Remember this test? I'm happy to say that I did better than expected and maybe I'll even pass the class! That's always a day brightener. But after three classes, two midterms, and a job interview {keep your fingers crossed!}, I was ready for the weekend. Friday night was filled with catching up on girl talk, Chipotle, window shopping {with a bit of buying}, and driving around looking at big houses and the temple in Draper.

 {we both agreed that we've matured since not living with eachother...but it's safe to say that we still act immature when together}

Saturday started out wonderfully with a trip to the Provo temple and Starbucks. Later on there was a ward activity with food and games and then we had apartment date night. We may or may not have embraced our inner child when decorating cookies and playing the game Quelf.


Sunday was a beautiful freezing cold sunny day. Church was full of learning on how to make the right decisions at the right time, loving those around us, having charity, and learning to serve. The rest of my afternoon was spent visiting friends and relaxing. I love my one day of the week where I don't feel guilty taking time to rest.  Sarah {my roommate} was in charge of dinner and we had real Hispanic food-- homemade beans, rice, and tortillas. It was so good.

Hope everyone's weekend was great!



I've been thinking a lot the past couple days about what it means to be happy. And I've come to the conclusion that you choose to be happy. It's not something you're born with or something out of your control. By being happy, you choose to react a certain a way to what's going on around you. Circumstances may not always be the most positive, but a upbeat outlook makes any kind of life better.

Life has been moving really fast lately. I'm facing big decisions that could determine how the next couple of years go. My school work load skyrocketed and I really need a job. But you know, I'm trying my best and that's all I can offer. And you know? I'm happy. I don't have a reason not to be.

1. I got a package in the mail today from my parents. It was random assortment of stuff and I loved it
2. The texts my dad sends me. He's such a goofy guy but his texts are short, choppy sentences filled with the little details of home
3. I ate pupusas for the first time today {traditional food from El Salvador} with some great people from freshmen year
4. Knowing that my mom will help with anything anytime of the day
5. The small important things in life are slowly becoming a habit in my life
6. I'm learning to let go of things I can't change
7. It's Friday and let's just say I've been ready for this week to end

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!



Read this 300 page beauty in a week.
{I might have actually enjoyed it if I didn't have to read it so dang fast}
We have a 3 hour exam on it tomorrow.
And I'm so not ready to kick its tushy.

ps. can you tell our apartment is cold? yay for keeping rent down!
pps. what do you think of the new layout? Not sure if I like it..


Just for you...

Because my previous post was lacking in the photo department
here are my beautiful roommates.
We're the fun #21


A lucky Friday the 13th

Life is great. Has anyone told you that lately? Life is great.

I have two new roommates, Kylee and Sarah and they are wonderful. In all honesty, I was slightly nervous, especially for my "room roommate." But I didn't have any reason to be because I don't think we could have gotten better roommates. Sarah just returned from serving a mission in California and is a dancer. Kylee is crafty and just returned from a study abroad in Romania. Both of them are hilarious and we've had a lot of fun laughing together. But more important than just enjoying each other, the feeling in our apartment is amazing. There is a feeling of peace. And I'm fairly confident in saying that it's because of a few goals we've set for our apartment.

A part of me laughs at how silly I acted last semester. I realize that I didn't know how the new semester was going to turn out but I was a little dramatic. This semester is going to be superb. That's right. Superb. Is it going to be extremely hard? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes. I figured out what I'm interested in and learning about it is actually...fun. {too much?}

This past week I had so many things to do. An entire book had to be read, trying to figure out job applications, two quizzes, scholarship applications, you get it. But this entire week, I felt so calm. I felt the same kind of peace found in our apartment. I also felt the support of my roommates, my parents {especially my mom}, a few professors, and most importantly, Heavenly Father. I didn't get stressed out until this morning but even then, while I was having a panic attack, I was able to calm myself down and realize that everything was going to work out. And with some divine intervention, things did work out.

I don't really feel the need to write down all of my new years resolutions but I am going to write down one.

In 2012, I will remember that life always works out. It might not turn out the way I expect it to but I will not be scared of the future. I will not fear the parts of life I can't change. 

What? You have a blog?

I'm alive! Sorry for the lack of blogging. {Although, I realize that my mom is most likely the one who enjoys my writing the most}

First things first. Christmas break. Here's a super condensed version that may repeat what I've written before.

Annual Sushi Party
 It was pretty low key this year and that was really nice. We invited close friends and family over for a night of good food and good company.

My beautiful best friend got married!
{Angie Penrose was the photographer}

that's right. caught the bouquet.

{sadly, no pictures of us opening presents}
On Christmas Day we went to church and then went to my grandma's house and spent the night with some extended family {a trip was made to the hospital before we got a big family picture}

We love eachother most of the time.
Some of the mamas I nannied for over the summer were glad I came home so they asked me if I could watch their kids and I happily said yes.
{sorry Kinlee and Miles, I don't have pictures of you kiddos!}

Kitty Time!
Enough said.

New Years Eve
One crazy night involving loud music, dancing, friends, sparkling cider, missionary moments, and Seattle.

New Years Day
We have a family tradition that on the first Sunday of the new year, we wear traditional Japanese clothing. This year, church was later in the day and there was a windstorm so we had to take pictures inside.
{the guy in the middle is our exchange student Alex. Older brother decided to skip out and go to his singles ward boo}
For fun, here is last year's picture

Roadtrip back to UT
Brookie, 14 hrs in the car, 17 CDs of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Now, two pitstops, beautiful sunset&sunrise, and snacks


So glad I could go home and visit. It was a great break.


This is a formal apology for my absence.

I promise I'll blog this weekend.