just in case you forgot what day it is and need a rebecca black reminder

hey loverlies it's friday! which means today is my last full day of work and school starts in 3 days. i'm ready for classes but not for the mob of freshmen and other returning students. what can i say, i liked having campus to myself all summer ;) i also liked not spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks but let's not talk about that.

i'm all moved into my new apartment and other than a few frameless pictures, everything is set up. i'm slowly getting to know my new roommates and so far, they're all really nice. we're all very different but they've done great getting used to my cough-inducing jalapeno cooking and my, ahem, lively laughter.

with today being my last friday of summer, i feel like i should have grand plans. ya know, go out with a bang! but i'm going to treat my heartlessly stomped on feelings from last night  with some dairy deliciousness and ky time. if you looked up hopeless ice cream obsessed rom-com loving lazy bum in the dictionary, my picture would be in the definition. no really, look it up tonight. because tomorrow i'll be in the running, rock climbing, and i love canoeing section {ok so last time i went, it wasn't love. but i'm optimistic}. ky has some passes so we're hoping for some last minute adventures. cheers!

any other ice cream lovers? awesomely adventurous plans for the weekend {even if that means sitting on your couch}? i would say have a great weekend, but more important than that, make it a great weekend!

ps. i'm not really a dog person but...this is relevant ;)

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