Quick trip to southern Utah

Last month, BYU gave its students a three day weekend for a "spring break." We wanted to make the most of it so we planned a little weekend trip! Chris' dad offered to take us to a few places and since he owns most of the gear we needed, we were grateful he was willing to go with us. (We're trying to build up our camping supplies but it's a slow process..)

We left Friday morning and headed to Goblin Valley. When we got there it looked like everyone else had the same idea haha. In the main area there were lots of families, scout troops, and BYU students but once we left that area, it was pretty quiet. Unfortunately, there was only one rappel in Goblin Valley so my inner adrenaline junkie was a little disappointed ;) It was a great hike though and I really liked Goblin Valley! 

That night we camped under the stars and it was beautiful! And really cold. During the day the temperature was in the mid-80s but during the night it dropped pretty low. I guess that's normal for March :) The next morning we left for Ding and Dang Slot Canyon. It's a loop and we went the easier route but it was still technical enough to be fun. This may be one of my favorite canyons. It was stunning, interesting (sometimes I get bored on hikes), and a great length. I'm hoping that we'll go back and do the harder route someday. 

Being outside is Chris' happy place. And even though adventuring together is one of our favorite things to do together, we don't do it often enough. So, here's to going on more adventures with my love!