a new job and another move for the romney family

Surprise, we're moving again! Short story: Chris got a new job and we are moving closer so that he won't have to commute. Long story: read on!

Last summer I mentioned that "we didn't know what was going to happen" once Chris' internship ended in August but that we hoped to stay in the Bay Area. Well, August came and went and I never mentioned anything about his position at Pixar. So here's what happened. Up until three days before the last day of his internship, we didn't know if he would get to stay on at Pixar or not. So Chris looked for other jobs, applied to various places, and we crossed our fingers that things would work out. Needless to say, it was a very stressful couple of weeks leading up to the end of his internship.

Miraculously, a spot opened up in his department and a temporary position was created for Chris. With a baby on the way, this was an incredible blessing. We didn't have to move and we could still have our baby at the birth center. His new contract with Pixar only extended until December but we hoped that by then a permanent position would become available. Chris networked, applied to, and interviewed with different companies so that we would have a solid Plan B (and C, D, and E...) in case Pixar couldn't make him an offer. Emi has already been to New York since one company flew Chris out for an interview and we tagged along!

Well, the end of December arrived and Chris' contract ended. Despite his supervisors wanting to keep him on the team, the company couldn't offer him anything because no permanent positions were available. So Chris said good-bye to Pixar and we headed to my parents' for Christmas not knowing if and/or when Chris would get any offers after the holidays. A couple weeks ago our prayers were answered and Chris' hard work and patience were rewarded by receiving an offer to be a designer at Apple! They wanted him to start right away so he starts on Monday!

We are very, very grateful for this job and feel extremely lucky at how everything lined up the way it did. For me, it's especially rewarding to see Chris so excited about this job. After finally feeling settled in such a wonderful place though, I am a little sad to move. I'm grateful we get to stay in the Bay Area (we're only moving an hour and a half south) but it takes time to establish friendships and we had just reached that point where we'd made good friends (aka game night friends). Plus, I was sad to leave the little apartment we brought Emi home to. The excitement and gratitude outweigh these sad feelings but I still want to acknowledge them.

Thank you everyone at Pixar! Even though they couldn't keep him on, everyone was supportive and encouraging while Chris job hunted. A major thank you to our family and friends who prayed that things would work out. And from me, thank you to Chris for being such a hardworking provider for our little family. I love staying at home with Emi and it wouldn't be possible without him.

Cheers to our new adventure! 2018 is off to a big start!

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  1. I'm so happy for your family and your new adventure! Walnut Creek will always hold a special place in your hearts. And in mine. :)