ah, my old shool house

i was definitely not like this when my 5:50 am alarm went off but yes, i was a little excited for my first day of school.

--fast forward 3 hours--

i will be eating, sleeping, and breathing east asia this semester. i will be swimming {hopefully not drowning} in all things japanese, chinese, korean, and well, asian.  

--fast forward to my second day of school--

you'll find me in the library.
in the asian collections of course.


just in case you forgot what day it is and need a rebecca black reminder

hey loverlies it's friday! which means today is my last full day of work and school starts in 3 days. i'm ready for classes but not for the mob of freshmen and other returning students. what can i say, i liked having campus to myself all summer ;) i also liked not spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks but let's not talk about that.

i'm all moved into my new apartment and other than a few frameless pictures, everything is set up. i'm slowly getting to know my new roommates and so far, they're all really nice. we're all very different but they've done great getting used to my cough-inducing jalapeno cooking and my, ahem, lively laughter.

with today being my last friday of summer, i feel like i should have grand plans. ya know, go out with a bang! but i'm going to treat my heartlessly stomped on feelings from last night  with some dairy deliciousness and ky time. if you looked up hopeless ice cream obsessed rom-com loving lazy bum in the dictionary, my picture would be in the definition. no really, look it up tonight. because tomorrow i'll be in the running, rock climbing, and i love canoeing section {ok so last time i went, it wasn't love. but i'm optimistic}. ky has some passes so we're hoping for some last minute adventures. cheers!

any other ice cream lovers? awesomely adventurous plans for the weekend {even if that means sitting on your couch}? i would say have a great weekend, but more important than that, make it a great weekend!

ps. i'm not really a dog person but...this is relevant ;)


I put on my grumpy pants and wore them all weekend

just in case we ever live together and then move,
I'm not a happy mover.
at all.

when I told my mom this on the phone, her response was laughter and "you and your dad!" so I guess it runs in the family.
but really.
the packing, cleaning, sorting, throwing away, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning... the stress just gets to me!
my lack of patience, not so lady-like exclamations, and snarky comments were all very apparent.
{and so patiently put up with by carly and ky}
but thanks to strong men and friends that stopped by, the whole ordeal went a lot faster.

circumstances weren't the greatest, but I chose not to be happy. I let myself get swallowed up in my lengthy to-do list and stack of boxes.
but today is a new day
a fresh start. 
and I'm going to choose happiness
{and hope that I never have to move an entire house}


moving is...

--my room/apartment puking its guts out and then telling me to sort through it
--finding 5 letters to missionaries that were never sent
--recycling class notes from two semesters ago. you know, the ones you say you'll refer back to or want to keep for later on?
--going to work with wet hair
--going to get breakfast and seeing my roommate asleep in a sleeping bag between boxes in the living room
--eating the random food left in the fridge. egg noodles, a green pepper, chicken nuggets...yum.
--realizing most of my pantry food is pasta...
--getting distracted by all the stuff I forgot I owned
--what I'll be doing today and tomorrow.

Happy Weekend to you!
do something crazy for me ;)



life has been pretty generous with these memorable tidbits lately. chuckle away friends...
-nothing like digging through old pictures and finding a photo strip of me and an old boyfriend...and then realizing he just got married.
-trying to stop on a bicycle that's too tall for me in a maxi skirt. that car full of boys had every right to laugh because it was quite a sight.
-talking to an attractive man and spitting like a llama. sho shexy.
-the eyes-half-open-mouth-gaping-and-most-likely-drooling way I sleep. it's hot.
-trying to take off a ridiculously tight sports bra and accidentally snapping my face.
-looking at wedding rings at work and a co-worker saying "ooooh getting engaged?" emmm no. I just like looking at rings.
-jumping off a tall tree on a rope swing and not hanging on. twice.
-going to my secret nap spot during my lunch break and finding my boss there snoring on the bench. sooo maybe a not so secret spot.

-the custodian knocking on the bathroom door to check if anyone was in there and my panicked reply of "I'm going to the bathroom!!" sheer brilliance.
-going from standing to sitting with sore legs. it made going to the bathroom a struggle. or gut-busting hilarious for the person in the stall next to me when my legs gave out and I lost my balance.
-eating something that apparently didn't sit well and not wanting a moment like this...so I sat on a different couch than him.

wouldn't life be boring without all of these entertaining moments? Ha.
Happy Wednesday everybody!
I'm ready for the weekend.

13.1 miles gives you lots of time to think

we did it!
saturday we woke up at 4:30 and headed to where the buses would shuttle us to the starting line. the bus drive to the start felt sooo long since I knew that was our race route but it was only about 20 min ha.
once we got there, we still had about an hour left to wait. so we jogged around warming up/trying to stay warm. we didn't hear the start! but the pushing forward was sign enough.
us three girls started out together but by mile 5 I was on my own. the next 8.1 miles gave me pleeeenty of time to hang out in my head and observe other people...
--the staredown between cyclists and runners? it's real. there were rude gesture and snarky comments on who had the right of way
--the granny I drafted for about 2 miles was a beast
--there's something humbling about older runners, whether it be the ones who are passing me or who are doing the best they can in the back. if they can do it at 70, I sure as heck should be able to do it at 19
--there was an old man with a running shirt that said pain you enjoy. true statement
--the heavens were smiling down upon us when they sent a shirtless mens cross country team and that other man with the tan and six pack. I may have run a little bit faster after that
--to the, uh, large hairy gentleman who ran past me: I commend you for your confidence
--there was a group of matchy matchy moms who ran together the whole time. I decided that's going to be me in 15 years
--when the finish line was in sight, I sprinted and in my head shouted sucker! like a third grader to the girl I passed

and last but not least
 if I can do a half, why not do a full marathon?


this thing called healthy eating

as I sit here eating my chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting waiting for my sugar headache, the irony of this post resonates. {not to mention that my previous post was about crepes}.
or maybe it fits perfectly.

since running has become a regular part of my day {life}, I've had an inner battle going on.
one side says that because I'm running all the time, eating desserts and other sugary foods is totally justifiable because I'll burn off the calories.
the other side says that because I'm running all the time, I need to be eating clean, wholesome foods so my body will have good foods to draw energy from.
I rarely buy anything sugary other than the occasional chocolate but there is always something around. cookies brought over by a nice neighbor, the jar of chocolate kisses on my coworker's desk, treats at a staff meeting, extra cupcakes made by a roommate, the not so secret stash of rolos in the freezer... the list goes on.
so where's the balance?

I'm sure there's a class I could take or a book I could read but after weeks of this mental debate {and, ahem, trial and error} I've come to realize something I already knew.
I know my body.
I know what makes me feel good
run faster
it's not that cupcake I just ate.

I'm still working on finding the balance but my perspective has changed. calories wise, eating three brownies after running ten miles isn't going to kill me, but there are other factors to consider. it's a constant learning process but the important part is, I'm learning.

happy weekend all.
it's race day tomorrow!
do something adventurous for me tonight while I go to bed early ;)


we went crepe-zy

for sarah's last official night, we threw a crepe party and invited a bunch of our favorite people. judging from the giant mess of dirty dishes, mustaches, and chairs strewn about everywhere this morning, I'd say it was a success!
ky was the master crepe maker and we had a table of yummies to put on top. but before people could eat, they had to get least one picture taken at the photobooth. there were mustaches, masks, beads, and of course, Jorge {pronounced hor-hey}. 
some of the guys were a little hesitant at first with the photobooth but by the end, they were getting into it. but we hostesses were probably the most enthusiastic hehe.
after people had mingled, eaten a socially acceptable number of crepes and left, the real party began. we ate a non-socially acceptable number of crepes and there was a request for a dance party. I never say no to those so out came the ipods, r&b and those booty bumping hip hop moves sarah's been keeping tucked away in the closet ;)
why are parties only on the weekend? we should have parties midweek alllll the time. going to work tired is worth it, am I right?


rooftop rendezvous

sarah finishing her college career the other day when her internship ended was the perfect excuse to bust out Ky's secret stash of bubbly and celebrate on the roof. she's also probably going to move out this week and with everybody working, it was kind of a last hoorah. we made loud toasts and talked about big important future stuff.
lucky for us, the people living right below were either deaf or really patient because sarah's reaction to blush-worthy topics was hysterical. but those kind of big girl talks are necessary when there is marriage talk, especially with the possibility of an upcoming one ;)

these girls mean so much to me. they've been my support for this past year and they're all incredible. my year would've been much different without them and I can't thank them enough for how great they've been.

here's to friendship, change, new beginnings :)

**all beverages consumed were non-alcoholic. we're crazy enough without it ;)


bunch o' quacks

yessiree, a bunch of us really did decorate ducks and chase them down the creek shouting in the hopes that they would go faster. it's incredible how enthusiastic a bunch of college men get over rubber ducks and the chance of winning a hot wheels race car. one guy even went so far as to catch a duckling. ha.
never underestimate the inner child. it can come at you out of nowhere with the energy of a 3 year old on pixie stix. or just come at you when you're duck racing.


mini update

I've been a bum blogger lately but other than going to Zion's National Park last weekend {that will be another post} life hasn't been very eventful lately. so here's a boring mini update..
my half marathon is in a week and a half and I'm so so so excited run it. mostly to be done with it but let's be honest here, it's all about the medal and t-shirt ;)
provo is still warm as ever but we've had some thunderstorms and showers {there was maybe even a rain dance performed on the roof but we'll just keep that one to ourselves}. most days we just play in the pool, go for bike rides or do fun college stuffs. oh and go to work.
I have a fun lunch date with this girl planned today and then a date with an old friend on friday that I'm a liiiiiittle bit excited for.
I'm moving apartments in 2 weeks and school starts in less than 4 week. I haven't decided if I'm ready or not {I'm thinking mostly not} but I'm getting ridiculously excited already for sweaters, hats, and scarves...