Back In Action

I'm not really in the mood to write something creative and I feel like I have so much to write so I'm going to rock the list format.

1. It feels great to be back in Provo and around people my own age.
2. This semester I'm taking Asian Humanities, World Civilizations, Japanese 202, Joseph Smith and the Restoration, Doctrine and Covenants, and Jazz dance. And no I don't know what my major is.
3. Being in a ward with return missionaries is quite a bit different than being in a ward with freshmen boys. And I'm pretty sure I like it.
4. I forgot how distracting Facebook can be when there's 5 hours of homework staring at you in the face.
5. I don't know how I'm ever going to get married. I ask at least one of my roommates about my outfit every day.
6. My love for dance hasn't diminished. I know that the studio I danced at wasn't a very good one and that I'm not very good but I still love it. My dance class is incredibly hard and there are some seriously talented people in it but I'm going to give it all I've got.
7. Majority of the people here are white.
8. We have church in the holiest building on campus--> Testing Center hollaaaa
9. I know many more guys in my ward than girls. Is that a bad thing..?
10. But no worries, I've got a steady relationship already with homework. I have a feeling we're just going to keep getting closer.
11. Men who speak another language are slightly more attractive than those who don't...
12. I really like making people laugh. But mostly I just make myself laugh.
13. Dealing with little boys is much less complicated than dealing with big boys. Little boys don't like it when you kiss them, only get cranky with you if you don't let them play video games, and the only time you hold their hand is when you cross the street. And if they're really little, they just smile at you when you feed them. So easy.
14. I find myself analyzing people's outfits. All. The. Time.
15. I love warm weather. But the rain is sometimes nice too, especially if accompanied by thunder and lightning.
16. I really really like meeting new people and making new friends. But the usual questions of What's your name, what's your major, where are you from... get really old. Really fast.
17. I don't know if I'm going to be going to BYU next semester. Travelling is calling my name and yet I'm kind of getting comfortable at the Brittany already.....
18. I can't believe I forgot one of the most important BYU rules. RING CHECK.
19. I'm rooming with 3 amazing girls: Jessica, Carly, and Hillary.
20. Did I mention I love BYU?


Okay fine you win

I got some negative feedback from the last post so I figured I should post something a little more detailed.

I honestly have no idea how to begin but I suppose I can start at the beginning of summer. When I came back to Enumclaw in April, I honestly wasn't too happy to be home. But when I was getting ready to leave for Provo in August, I had some serious mixed emotions. I spent a lot of time with my family this summer and got to know them more as people rather than just "family members." It was easier to appreciate my parents for all they do because I had lived without them for a year. I also became better friends with Jonathan. Don't get me wrong, we still fought quite a bit, but instead of just brushing aside our problems, we tried to work them out. I didn't see Sho as much as the others but it was still fun when he came down for the weekend or I saw him at Pike Place.

I think another reason why I became closer to my family was that I didn't really want to see a lot of my highschool friends. They changed, I changed, and we just grew apart. Our standards were (and are) different and I just couldn't really relate to them as much as I used to. I still want to stay in touch with them but I want to surround myself with people with the same standards (which was part of the reason I was so excited to get back to BYU).
So as I was officially packing up my room, I realized that I would have no bedroom when I came back to visit and that I was actually really truly moving out this time. It was a weird feeling. But I successfully packed everything away and threw out a lot of old stuff. And then consolidated all of my stuff that I was taking back to BYU. I rode down to BYU with a friend and as excited as I was, I mostly just stared out the window and thought about what I was leaving behind. I learned a lot over the summer and I wanted make sure I remember it. One thing especially was how blessed I was. With so many people out of a job, I still had work opportunities and a chance to earn money for school.

So now I'm finally back at BYU and am loving it. Yes I miss my family and friends but I'm learning to realize that moving on is part of life. And there is so much that has happened already that I could blog about but I think I'll save that for the next time I'm motivated to blog...


I really should blog...

But I don't feel like it.

P.S. Happy Friday everyone!