Weird or not, we're family!

Most of my family doesn't like Christmas music...on Chrismas Eve, the sibs and I listened to techno.

We all showed off our impressive burping skills...at Christmas dinner.. {except Mom of course}

I hand feed our cats turkey for the holidays {which could contribute to them looking like this..}

My older brother showed up late to Christmas dinner because he was busy wrapping presents, cleaning, and baking dessert. {how domestic of him}

My parents have no idea who Josh Groban and Michael Buble are

My dad doesn't believe in Christmas lights because it's "A waste of energy. Too much money" {say that in a Japanese accent}

We get really really really into board games
We open all of our gifts on Christmas Eve. When we were little, we would "go to sleep," wait for the loud Ho ho ho! and then run downstairs

On Christmas Eve, rather than watching It's a Wonderful Life or Elf, we watched Cowboys & Aliens

My dad played Angry Birds the other day for the first time. He now calls it "Kill Pig"

Our family has baby-like tendencies sometimes. Whenever we drive somewhere, usually everyone but the driver falls asleep

It's been a great break and a great holiday! I love my family :)
{plus Alex. He's our exchange student this year}


Not quite a poem but...

The little surprise poem by Cill and Jarly on "my" last post was quite a hilarious surprise. But yes, it is true. Yesterday Jessica got married and was a beautiful bride. It was a crazy beautiful busy wonderful emotional day. The wedding was at the temple first thing in the morning and Jess arrived looking beautiful. After the ceremony was over, she came out in her dress and greeted the rest of her family. It was a typical misty chilly Seattle day but there was a definite energy in our small group of people.

Picture of just the immediate family.

I got to be a bridesmaid with her two sisters Nicole and Alyssa.

These girls are our neighbors at our apartment in Provo. They drove from various parts of
Washington (they're home for Christmas) to come to Jessica's wedding reception.
They are so fun and cute!

The winter themed reception was held at the church and so many people came! There was a hot chocolate bar and lots and lots of treats. Sparkly white trees and Christmas trees lined the walls and Christmas lights created a glowing ceiling. The centerpieces were large vases with candles and Christmas ornaments in them {I unfortunately didn't get pictures of all of this}. They did an amazing job!

Beautiful roommates {and poets ahem}: Carly and Jill
PS. Those shoes were 4 inch platform heels and I was crazy
enough to wear them all day.

Friends from high school who came to wish Jess congrats on her big special day :)
It was such a special day and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it. Friends and family all helped so much to pull this wedding together and it was amazing to see how willing people were to lend a hand. A part of me wishes I could have just sat and talked with people, but I loved the craziness. I loved being in charge of decorating their car. I liked that people trusted me to take care of certain things. I thought it was hilarious that Kyle's (the husband) best friend caught the garter and I caught the bouquet. But one of my favorite parts of the night were the few minutes I was given with Jessica while she changed and got ready to leave.  I don't even really remember what we talked about but I'll cherish that. I'm so happy for them both and wish them the best :)


A Pretty Powerful Prophetic Poem of Love Loss and Lust

We're not all that great at this rhyming deal
 But we wanted to share a ditty we created
 In hopes that you will let out a squeal
 Despite the loss of our roommate belated

We've kicked a member of 129 out
 And hence, our crew has gotten smaller
 Beyonce knew what she was talking about
 Now 'all the single ladies' holla!

While they are now on their honeymoon (shabing!)
 We five will stay forever strong
 For the meantime our finger with stay free of bling
 Liz...  you might not have long

Just so you know, you're registered
 At Target, Macy's and REI
 Don't worry we've got it covered
 Colors and flowers and pictures OH MY!!

Ok, ok its not your turn yet
 The thought of the loss of you is quite eel-y
 Plus, its a toss-up between you and Nat on the bet
 And we were just kidding... but really.

You will never guess who we are heehehehehe

Love, Cill and Jarly


Christmas Break...


Doesn't this look great? Nothing like a bit of Jane Austen and monsters.
I'm so stoked to read something and enjoy it.
But until then...happy studying for finals!



My Happy List:
  1. Deciding on a major and a minor that I'm suuuper excited for. It's not official yet but I'm going to be an Asian Studies major and International Development minor. For now. 
  2. Today being Friday so there are only 4 more days of classes
  3. My teacher asking if she could use my research paper as an example to future students. {hmm....well I suppose so...}
  4. Baggy sweaters so I don't have to suck in all day long? Or have people notice a food baby? Count me in. 
  5. Going on a spur of the moment date with a hilarious guy on a Thursday night.
  6. Having a friend tell me that our friendship is complete because I sent her an epic youtube video. 
  7. Making up words {ahem, possibly the title of this post}
  8. Going home in less than 2 weeks!
  9.  Skipping class to go eat pizza with the best. {p.s. that pizza was so worth missing a boring history class}
  10. Having a game plan--> I have my life planned out for the next two years.
  11. Laughing so hard and for so long that it hurts to get out of bed the next day. 
  12. Having a decorated apartment for Christmas. 
  13. Apartment neighbors who let me steal their clothes... :}
  14. Feeling guilty about blogging in the library when I should be doing homework... and then seeing that the girl next to me is on Pinterest. 
  15. Hats, boots, scarves, legwarmers, and gloves. Tis the season! 
  16. Random bonding moments with complete strangers
  17. The perfect crunch that came from the ginormous leaf I stepped on the other day. 
  18. Being hyper with other hyper people. Try it sometime. Someone might end up dancing like they're a preying mantis on crack. Just saying.
  19. Being able to go to church all by myself but not feeling alone at all. 
  20. Feeling like I'm ready to dominate my finals so I can hurry and get outta town! {I don't know what the first part feels like but when it happens, I'll let you know}