Spending Labor Day weekend at Lake Tahoe!

After living in California for over a year, we finally made it to Lake Tahoe! And I'm so glad we did because it was absolutely beautiful. It's just too bad we decided to go when the rest of California went as well haha.

After a lot of last minute scrambling, we left Friday afternoon and joined the thousands of other cars heading out for the three day weekend. I love you California but I do not love your traffic. Anyways, for the first part of the drive we entertained ourselves by taking videos of each other singing, chatting with Emi, and laughing about past road trips. Even though it was the longest car ride Emi has ever been on, she did amazingly well and slept almost the entire time! She only fussed the last ten minutes so basically Chris and I got five hours to just talk. It was really nice to have that time to reconnect without laptops or books in between us.

We spent Saturday at Emerald Bay playing in the lake, paddle boarding, and building sandcastles. Emi got passed around between our friends and mostly hung out in the shade. Chris and I went paddle boarding for the first time and I surprisingly loved it. There were a lot of boats out by the time we went out but those few minutes on the lake were my favorite of the entire weekend! On Sunday we went to church and had a slower paced day. We played disc golf in a really pretty area, played board games, and hung out with friends. Monday morning came and we headed home!

We feel really lucky to have friends out here, especially ones who plan these kind of things. We weren't sure if we were going to go, but I'm so glad we decided to. We'll be back, Lake Tahoe!

**The airbnb we stayed at was redoing the walkway, hence all the caution tape. It definitely made hauling our babies and our stuff an adventure!