this thing called healthy eating

as I sit here eating my chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting waiting for my sugar headache, the irony of this post resonates. {not to mention that my previous post was about crepes}.
or maybe it fits perfectly.

since running has become a regular part of my day {life}, I've had an inner battle going on.
one side says that because I'm running all the time, eating desserts and other sugary foods is totally justifiable because I'll burn off the calories.
the other side says that because I'm running all the time, I need to be eating clean, wholesome foods so my body will have good foods to draw energy from.
I rarely buy anything sugary other than the occasional chocolate but there is always something around. cookies brought over by a nice neighbor, the jar of chocolate kisses on my coworker's desk, treats at a staff meeting, extra cupcakes made by a roommate, the not so secret stash of rolos in the freezer... the list goes on.
so where's the balance?

I'm sure there's a class I could take or a book I could read but after weeks of this mental debate {and, ahem, trial and error} I've come to realize something I already knew.
I know my body.
I know what makes me feel good
run faster
it's not that cupcake I just ate.

I'm still working on finding the balance but my perspective has changed. calories wise, eating three brownies after running ten miles isn't going to kill me, but there are other factors to consider. it's a constant learning process but the important part is, I'm learning.

happy weekend all.
it's race day tomorrow!
do something adventurous for me tonight while I go to bed early ;)

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