I wrote 100 things about me about a year ago and it was really interesting to go back and compare how things have or haven't changed. Here's the new one!

1.      I am Elizabeth and Mei. Elizabeth is my English name and Mei is my Japanese name. But mostly I just answer to whatever people call me.
2.      I love the Gospel.
3.      I am a colorful socks kind of person. As well as a don’t match my socks kind of person.
4.      I used to love children but now I just like seeing them at church and on Saturday nights from around 5ish to bedtime.
5.      Cats are better.
6.      I love taking pictures and wish I was good at taking them.
7.      I drink out of a water bottle constantly. It reminds me to stay hydrated. One of the things I miss most at college is Washington water.
8.      I love quality quotes. They inspire me.
9.      I also love alliterations. And short sentences.
10.  I can crack almost every joint in my body. And do so frequently.
11.  I have lived on (in?) 3 continents.
12.  I love to laugh…loudly.
13.  But I love making people laugh even more.
14.  Reading is very relaxing when I choose the book and have time.
15.  I own way too many blue and green clothes.
16.  I loved high school but I love college more.
17.  Not a fan of waking up early but if I sleep in, I feel like my day has been wasted.
18.  I wish I was creative and artistic.
19.  I love being tan.
20.  My favorite season is constantly changing. Sometimes it’s fall, sometimes it’s summer or spring. But it’s never winter.
21.  According to Jessica and my mother, I am slightly OCD about my grades.
22.  I don’t believe in soul mates.
23.  I love the smell of clean babies.
24.  I think it’s hilarious that my parents rock out to Lady Gaga. And kind of weird.
25.  I’ve been dancing since I was four. I love it. And now that I’m not dancing I miss it more than I could have ever imagined.
26.  I’m a germ freak about certain things. Like I don’t mind sharing a fork, but I don’t like sharing my water. But I am getting “better.”
27.  27 is Aubrey’s favorite/lucky number and always points out if something is 27. So thanks to her constant reminders, I think of her every time I hear/see the number 27 haha.
28.  I hate being asked the question what do you want to be when you grow up because I don’t know!
29.  I used to be obsessed with Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty shoes, sheets, stuffed animals, boom box, pencil case, pens, erasers, colored pencils, purse, you get the picture.
30.  I love zebra print but would never actually wear real zebra skin (fur?).
31.  Wal-Mart’s tropical trail mix helps me get through homework.
32.  Apple Juice=delicious. There was this shirt I found onetime and it said, “Drink apple juice.
OJ kills.”
33.  Quoting movies is a common pastime. And it’s an epic fail when you make a reference to a movie quote and no one knows what you’re talking about.
34.  I sing in the shower (who doesn’t?)
35.  I always wear rings.
36.  I have tiny ears.
37.  Jessica Decker is my smoglum/2nd cousin/best friend/roommate/wife. We suffer from T.O.
38.  A good game of truth or dare is a great way to bond.
39.  A runner’s high is my favorite (and only) kind of high.
40.  Aubrey Flintoff and I have danced together and been friends since I was 5 and I miss her more than she knows now that I’m at college.
41.  I have never broken a bone.
42.  I don’t like the rain but I will probably end up living in Western Washington when I grow up.
43.  I love working out.
44.  Eating is one of my hobbies.
45.   Chiropractors are miracle workers.
46.  Sleep is one of the greatest gifts to humankind.
47.  I am not witty like Jillian Koontz or Carissa Gwerder.
48.  I find humor in funny faces and weird noises.
49.  My roommates are the best roommates in this world. Truly. I’m not quite sure how I got so lucky.
50.  I love having my nails painted black. Black just goes with everything.
51.  I love chapstick.
52.  I don’t know how to act around people who text completely different than they act.
53.  I don’t really like candy or desserts. There are exceptions of course (chocolate!).
54.  I own way too many pairs of Converse. But it’s just so fun to own lots of colors!
55.  I have a difficult time following a recipe. I like to create my own recipes.
56.  I don’t look like either of my parents. I look like both of my grandmas.
57.  Out of everything I’ve read, Harry Potter is by far the best book series. However, I prefer the books to the movies. Movies don’t do them justice.
58.  If I could, I would live in sweats every day.
59.  I like drinking out of Mason jars. Apparently that’s a weird thing to do.
60.  I am Japanese, Native America, and Caucasian (white).
61.  I dislike gardening but I love having fresh homegrown fruits and veggies.
62.  You know how some people sleep so peacefully and cute? I don’t. I’m not an attractive sleeper and I roll around. Constantly.
63.  I didn’t grow up watching TV, but I love watching movies.
64.  I have an unladylike habit of burping I am trying to break.
65.  I love hugs from anyone! They just make life so much better.
66.  I have a hard time accepting change. But since change is the only thing constant in life, I’m learning to accept it.
67.  I’m not too picky about music. I have a difficult time with jazz and country but give me a good beat and I’m happy.
68.  I’ve been on an airplane over 40 times.
69.  I don’t like popcorn or peanut butter.
70.  I have an amazing pair of multicolored spandex tights that were my grandma’s from the 80s. As well as way too many colored tights.
71.  I’m not a fan of facial hair but some guys can definitely pull it off.
72.  Hot showers put me in a good mood.
73.  There are some fantastic inventions. Some of my personal favorites: heated toilet seats, jump drives, and hairspray.
74.  I love telling and embellishing a great story.
75.  Yet I have a really hard time talking in front of large groups of people. I get nervous and my voice and hands shake.
76.  I eat rice every day.
77.  I want to travel Europe one day.
78.  I’d rather eat with chopsticks than a fork.
79.  I’m on Facebook every day but I’d like to think I’m not addicted.
80.  I’m Jackie Chan’s second biggest fan. His number one fan is my mom.
81.  I sadly fall into the dumb girl category when it comes to cars.
82.  I love to cook. Sadly can’t say the same for baking.
83.  I think going green and recycling is great. We should all try and help preserve Mother Nature. Except when I told someone this, they just said the second coming would take care of all of that. So I guess it depends on your perspective on life haha.
84.  I have a new love for plaid flannel shirts. They are so comfy!
85.  Everything about summer is great. Going to the lake, beach hair, laying in the sun, etc.
86.  I’m obsessed with zumba and would someday like to teach it.
87.  I have different types of sneezes. I have a certain sneeze for when there’s food in my mouth and a regular sneeze.
88.  I am currently majoring in indecision.
89.  I love having a messy bun on top of my head but I also love it when it’s down and someone is playing with it.
90.  I am super ticklish and my brothers use this to their full advantage.
91.  If I could, I would make it fashionable for everyone to be bald so I wouldn’t have to do my hair every day.
92.  I’m not good at sports. I feel awkward and uncoordinated. And I am usually picked last for teams.
93.  I like massaging people (but not in a creepy way).
94.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to get dressed after getting out of the shower. But I think my roommates appreciate that I do.
95.  Sometimes I tell people more than they want to know.
96.  I’m grateful for genuinely nice people in this world. I keep thinking there are fewer and fewer of them until I see a stranger perform an act of kindness and then my faith in the world is rekindled.
97.  Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I completely agree!
98.  I can fall asleep anywhere. I’ve slept on the kitchen floor, stairs, etc.
99.  I think it’s refreshing when guys show their emotions sometimes rather than put on an act of bravado.
And last but definitely not least!
100. As much as I love my family, I didn’t realize how important they were until I went off to college. And even though I learned a lot more than just that this semester, if I had only learned that, this semester still would’ve been worth it. Love them all.


First Post

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and I finally decided to follow the trend. And since I'm home, I have more time than I'm used to. It's given me a lot of time to reflect on how blessed I am. Coming home for Christmas to spend time with family is definitely high up on the list. And as odd and flawed as my family is, I'm beginning to realize what family isn't?

Normally we all go to Japan for New Years so we aren't usually home for Christmas. And because my family in Japan doesn't celebrate Christmas, we usually have our own the night before we leave. Santa would "come early," our stockings would be filled, and we'd exchange presents. Since we haven't gone to Japan the past 2 years, we've had to change a few things around. Our order of events is a little different than other people's but that's just the way we do things.

We decorated our Christmas tree and house yesterday but better late than never right? We also open all of our presents on Christmas Eve. A family tradition my grandparents started since they didn't want to be woken up at the crack of dawn. They wanted their sleep--something I completely understand. Hopefully my future husband won't object too much because I kind of like this tradition :)

The craziness of Christmas has somewhat subsided now. My brothers are either on the computer or napping. Mom is playing the piano and Dad is making banana bread. The fireplace behind me is warm and I'm tired from playing Just Dance 2. Maybe we'll play a boardgame tonight, maybe we won't. So our family doesn't always get along, so what. Most don't. I have a family that loves me and that's enough.

Merry Christmas