rooftop rendezvous

sarah finishing her college career the other day when her internship ended was the perfect excuse to bust out Ky's secret stash of bubbly and celebrate on the roof. she's also probably going to move out this week and with everybody working, it was kind of a last hoorah. we made loud toasts and talked about big important future stuff.
lucky for us, the people living right below were either deaf or really patient because sarah's reaction to blush-worthy topics was hysterical. but those kind of big girl talks are necessary when there is marriage talk, especially with the possibility of an upcoming one ;)

these girls mean so much to me. they've been my support for this past year and they're all incredible. my year would've been much different without them and I can't thank them enough for how great they've been.

here's to friendship, change, new beginnings :)

**all beverages consumed were non-alcoholic. we're crazy enough without it ;)

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