wedding weekend

we made it to vegas around eleven a.m. on friday and from then on our day was made up of eating, lounging by the pool, hot weather, and a rehearsal dinner where the bride and groom's family met each other. we all slept in saturday morning and then the rest of the day was spent getting ready for the ceremony and reception. good thing the actual ceremony was in the evening because it was mid 90s all day.

the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls made a different kind of entrance when we danced down the aisle to chris brown. the groom saw it on youtube and wanted to recreate it for his own wedding. so we had fun and made fools of ourselves. the ceremony was simple and the bride was beautiful.

overall it was a great weekend. the wedding went well, I ate way too much, and the hot weather felt good.



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last week's clean laundry is still sitting in the hamper, my body is craving sleep and my brain is mush, a bomb went off in the front room, and I've rocked a messy bun for a week and a half. but, after a rousing game of multiple choice eeny meeny miny mo on my 5th and last exam, I'm done! in my excitement, I sang at the top of my lungs and had a super hyper laugh attack went on a run.

I leave tomorrow morning for a close friend's wedding in Vegas so this afternoon will be spent cleaning and packing. it feels odd to not be going home right now but only 65 days left! Here's to the end of sophomore year  and a happy early weekend :)

p.s. if you're needing a chuckle and you've seen hunger games, watch another version. Let's just say I could relate ;)


thoughts: finals week edition

preparing for finals week:
a time when people wonder what have I been doing all semester?!
a time of living off of granola bars, fruit, and chocolate
and eating sneakily in the library
a time when the library closes too early
a time for messy buns 
a time of reaching your maximum brain capacity
a time when there are a good number of people partying at the library past midnight
a time when it's not that weird to see a watermelon, cinnamon rolls, cookies, m&ms, and bananas in a study room {...okay maybe a little bit}
a time when all I talk about is what happened at the library because that's where I live
a time when I go running because of frustrations
a time when I wonder why people wear heels to the library
a time when my emotions range from I'm-so-done-I-don't-care-if-I-fail-this-test to oh-man-I-have-to-ace-this-test-to-pass
happy finals week.
good luck to those who are taking finals!


foodie weekend

this weekend {well, at least friday and saturday} should have been dedicated to studying for upcoming finals. instead, my weekend revolved around food* and in the words of Sarah, it was bomb. a nice boy in our ward lent us his car so Kylee and I went grocery shopping, also known as: where can we find the best deals. we went to a different store than usual and there were some great bargains. pears, apples, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries, cheese, all natural bread, avocados, onions, carrots, broccoli, grapefruit, and lunch meat, all of that for a little over twenty bones. Ky and I were quite happy, but it didn't stop there. we continued the fun by buying kimchi, tofu, and seaweed at the Asian market. I felt a little mommy-ish getting excited about groceries but there is no shame in saving money and a fridge full of food. 
on sunday, we decided to have a nice easter bbq after church. my roommate Carly was in charge of hamburger buns and dessert, and I made the patties. Ky fired up the george foreman grill and the delicious burgers were born. we wrapped the weekend up with a nice evening walk in a cute neighborhood. 

now it's the homestretch before finals. the plan is to live at the library but we'll see. 
hope everyone enjoyed a yummy easter weekend :) 

*I did manage to read a chapter for history and study for New Testament buuuut that's about it.


snow today, summer tomorrow

2 days ago I pulled out my swimsuit. today I pulled out a cozy hat and boots. while I don't love the snow, I'm secretly loving wearing my cozy sweater and red scarf again. I'm not quite ready for swimsuits yet. summer, on the other hand, is something I'm more than ready for. I bought a seven peaks pass of all passes with some friends so we'll be going to water parks, games, and other fun places. this summer is going to be a little different than last summer. I'm officially staying here with the same girls I'm living with now and working full-time at the office. not sure when all those fun activities are going to fit in but trust me, they're going to happen.
but something else has really got me in a great mood today. it's not the apple fritter I just ate or the cadbury chocolate eggs my boss bought for the office. it's not that it's friday or that one of my classes was cancelled. it's not that my nails are finally painted. it's not that there are 3 1/2 more days of classes left. it's not because I set up a baby herb garden in the kitchen last night. it's not because a friend from home is coming to provo tomorrow for a week. those things warm my soul but last night my mama called and told me she bought my ticket! in less than 3 months, we will be reunited. and I'm pretty darn excited.

*the lady in the middle is a family friend but I just love this photo of my family



conference. homemade meals. a real house with stairs and carpet. pounds of peanut m&ms, swedish fish, goldfish. sunshine. parks. homework. pilates. journal writing. game night. meeting amazing people. movies.
it was wonderful.