Birthday Weekend with Chris: Part Two

I initially only had one birthday post but there were too many pictures. So I divided it up and of course, part two is now two weeks after my birthday haha. Oh well.

After the pumpkin patch, we were really hungry so we went to my favorite JDawgs. Not exactly the gourmet birthday meal some people ask for, but it's what I wanted! Plus we had plans that involved food after our dinner :) I had been wanting to go on a Fry Crawl (tour or walk or whatever you want to call it) for a while so we incorporated that into our dinner. Basically, I wanted to try places in Provo that advertise their fries and see how they compared. I had three places in mind but we only made it to two, which worked out since we were full!

First we went to Hot Potato. Located in an apartment complex where wealthy single college kids (or kids with wealthy parents) live, we felt really out of place haha. But we ordered our "Loaded Baked Potato fries" and waited awkwardly at a table. The fries came nice and hot and we were ready to try them! Chris and I enjoyed all of the toppings and the fries themselves were good. We gave the fries 3.5 stars since we were feeling like professionals and not college kids ;)

Then we went to the next place! Bruges Waffles and Frites is a Belgium restaurant found in downtown Provo. It's decor was very industrial, the place was clean, and the owner was really friendly (and actually from Belgium!) He told us how his fries are never frozen and are fried twice. I think the only time I've had fresh fries are when my dad used to make them for us so I was excited to try them. We had a variety of sauces to choose from like homemade mayonnaise and Andalouse sauce. I ended up loving the fries but at first, the texture caught me off guard. They were really different than any other fries I've had but we gave them 4.5 stars. I would definitely go back!
There was a place that I've been wanting to take Chris for a while and even though it was my birthday, I wanted to go to Color Me Mine with him. It's a little place where you paint your own pottery! They have a variety of pieces to choose from and then you get to paint it however you like! We picked out salt and pepper shakers and each painted one. We decided not to coordinate to let our personalities show through ;) 

^this picture was taken before they were fired in the kiln.
^and this is the final product! They turned out great!

Not exactly part of my birthday weekend, but I went out to a birthday lunch with my girlfriends. We went to Pizza Studio and I tried their chicken alfredo pizza! Lunch was fun and the conversation was interesting as usual haha. Thanks ladies! Even with pizza in your mouths, you both are beautiful ;)

I surprised myself with how much we did in one day! My actual birthday was spent going to church, spending time with family, and taking Chris to the airport. It was a great weekend full of doing fun things but seeing Chris was the best birthday gift I could have ever received. It would not have been the same without him and I'm so so grateful he came back to celebrate with me! I don't know why 24 sounds so much older than 23, but I have a feeling it's going to be the best year yet :) 


Birthday Weekend with Chris: Part One

It was my birthday over the weekend and because it wouldn't be the same without him, Chris came home to celebrate with me :) We tried to squeeze as much as we could in between the time he flew in late Friday night to when he left Sunday evening.

We went to Oh Mai, my favorite restaurant right now, where we got the best Vietnamese sandwiches and then we headed up the mountains in Big Cottonwood Canyon for a pretty drive and little nature walk. And since it's fall, I wanted to do something fall-ish, so we went to a pumpkin patch! It wasn't the greatest pumpkin patch, but we made the admission price worth it by taking pictures, playing tetherball, and buying fresh peaches :) And since there were too many pictures, here are some from part of the day!

^^That tripod came in pretty handy later!
^^this face haha! Chris thought it was hilarious so this is for him ;)


my happies

an  Instax taken on our honeymoon

A little list of things that make me happy.

1. The love from friends and family that has surrounded me since Chris left for California. The phone calls, texts, and visits are all so appreciated, thank you.
2. Even though I missed the application deadline for graduation by two weeks (oops!), I'm still graduating in December!
3. That it's October. The month we got engaged, my birthday, Halloween, and all things fall. So many favorites squished into one month.
4. The sweetest little video Chris sent me just to say "Have a great day" and the beautiful painting he made for me.
5. That only four days are between me, my favorite person, and my birthday weekend!

Have a great day everyone!