we finished finals, bought a car, and changed the blog

chris snapped this picture right after i doodled on his hand. it was during finals week and stress levels were up in the sky. not only did we have our tests but we were also trying to buy a car (not exactly the best timing). for two newbies, trying to figure out insurance and registration and all of that adult stuff made things even more tense. chris was feeling a little down about our situation so i told him i loved him via hand writing and i sent him this video thinking that it might cheer him up. turns out i underestimated the power of marshmallows and i was accused of being unfair for showing it to him in the library ;) but we studied hard, we pushed through our tests, and now we have a cute little toyota that runs so all went well!

the other day was our 4 month anniversary. we were super romantic and got our new car checked out at the auto shop. while waiting, we stumbled across this wall. yet again, it had been kind of a stressful day worrying about money and adult stuff so it provided some relief to take some silly pictures. chris put up with a lot that day and i am grateful for his patience. i guess what all of this is trying to say is most days it feels like we're still kids but when life comes at you, you have to open the door and invite it in for cookies and milk. thankfully, having someone by your side makes it a bit easier, especially when that person is chris.

p.s. my little space on the internet changed a little bit. i've been wanting to do it since we got married since this blog is no longer just about me but it remains just a way to keep family updated. now it feels more like "us" :)


bits and pieces of wife life

-part of being an animation wife means the past four movies we've seen at the theater are: Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Zootopia (twice). i'm definitely not complaining since they were all entertaining! thanks to chris, i'm learning to appreciate the beauty and textures of every single frame ;) but this new world does make me laugh a little because it's so different from what i'm used to. my brother and his wife only consider action packed movies when picking movies to go see haha and my family would rarely go see animated movies as a kid. but i also have to add...

-Zootopia really was incredible. you know it is when you go see it with thirty animation students and they give the movie a standing ovation AND chris has absolutely z e r o criticism.
^stole this from one of chris' friends.
-that feeling when your husband invites a friend to see your apartment and you know that there are dishes in the sink and the couch is covered in homework but you smile anyways. i now understand why my mom always made us clean the living room before people came over. i get it now.

-i tried making a cream sauce the other day. chris got excited i was experimenting and decided to help. the whole thing ended with us getting our favorite burritos from down the street.

-chris' brother was in town and he wanted to go to this restaurant called sushi burrito. as much as i love burritos, i'm a little bit of a purist when it comes to sushi so i set my expectations really low. like, i didn't have any at all. good news though! it was decently good and i would go again if someone paid for me.

-chris: (gazing at me lovingly) you are so beautiful. me: you have egg on your face.

-there's a new temple in town but before it opened, chris and i went to the open house on the last possible day and it really was as beautiful as everyone said.

-after having another laptop give up on me a few months ago, chris surprised me with a new one the other day. i was so surprised, all i said was "what?" but i'm a happy girl now :)

-we're going to japan in august!! we saved some money from our wedding budget and are spending it on a late honeymoon. we've already picked out the restaurants we want to visit so i'd say we have our priorities straight ;)

-it makes me happy that chris makes good dinners. it's usually an asian fusion of some kind with avocado on the side, which i have no complaints about!

-it made my wifey heart proud when chris told me he now loves kale.

-being married pushes me to be the best person i can be. i'm definitely a work in progress.