I've noticed that basketball is huge at BYU. Most of all, Jimmer Fredette. This week, an epidemic hit---Jimmermania. There were jokes and sayings about Jimmer all over facebook and explosive reactions to Michelle, a girl who wrote an editorial about worshipping Jimmer. As out of control as it got, it was absolutely hilarious and bordering sacrilegious. Here are just 2 posters from the game out of probably 50.

I like watching basketball and I think it's fun but this week I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get really into it. So the roomies and I camped out overnight to make sure that we would get a good seat. So at 3:30 Friday afternoon, we went to the Marriot center and set up camp. The game started at 4 on Saturday.

Let's just say we were crazy for camping out overnight in February in Provo. It was most likely the coldest night of my life. Spooning was invented for the purpose of staying warm. No joke. And the crazy thing is, we only camped for one night...some people had camped out since Monday. So dedicated.

So after a night of freezing cold, no sleep, and 24 hours of waiting, we finally got into the game! We were within the first 20 rows so the energy was pumping. Ironically, Jimmer had a horrible game. But we won!! I would do it all over again. And I plan on it :)

Stage One: CAMP OUT

Stage two: WAIT

Stage three: GAME TIME


My life so far at BYU through a webcam :)

Creating new friendships and strengthening old ones

Learning to follow the light

Roommate bonding

Accepting trials and learning to work through them

Skyping home

Mustaches yes. Beards no.


Winters are very cold

Looking good for the opposite gender

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