Hello, and welcome! 

Chris and I met in Japan, fell in love at BYU, and got married in Seattle. We moved to the Bay Area in 2017 after graduating college. Together we love watching animated movies, trying new restaurants, taking pictures, traveling, wearing beanies, and playing board games. We have two very loved daughters and are enjoying our life as a family of four. 

At six months old, our oldest daughter was diagnosed with CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder, a rare genetic disease that affects neurodevelopment. While that doesn't define her (or our family), it's become a big part of our life. I created this little blog when I was a college freshman to keep my family updated but life has changed quite a bit over the last ten years (like the fact that blogs are now outdated ha). It will continue to change (or possibly go extinct) but for now, this is a place where I share bits of our daily life, travels, and CDKL5 journey. We have our share of bad days but we're trying our best to find joy in the little things and hope you'll feel some happiness while here. Thanks for reading! 

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