A good change?

Last night I had a conversation with Jonathan and this is basically how it went:

Jonathan: You are so embarrassing.
Me: How so?
Jonathan: That one picture on Facebook... (he was referring to a certain picture that Jessica had added)
Me: You know you're proud to call me your sister ;)
Jonathan: Yeah...sometimes...haha
Me: You know what, life is better when you're goofy.
Jonathan: Yeah until someone looks at you weird..

I don't know why this struck me. Jonathan made an amazing point. How afraid are people to be goofy because someone might think a little differently of them? And how quick are people to think differently of others when they are a little weird/different/goofy? How much do we care what others think? I'd like to think that I don't but I know that I do about certain things.

On a different yet similar note, someone the other day said they couldn't imagine me being shy. That struck me as well; where did the shy (aka silent) middle schooler go? Had I finally gotten rid of her?! My goal the past few years has been to be more open and more...myself. And it seems like I'm getting closer to that goal. As I look back on my first year at college, I think maybe sometimes I was a little too goofy and loud at times but I'm learning how to balance "being me" while keeping my loud laugh under wraps. And just for my many readers' entertainment (but mostly my mom's), here is a glimpse of me caught in one of those moments where I lost all control over my laughter (hopefully this will make up for my lack of recent blogging).


So initially this post started out as a "copy Jessica's great idea" but it slowly turned into a "wow I have a lot to be grateful for." This past week was a little rough but through a lot of divine help as well as roommate help, I got through it. I also realized that I still have so much to be grateful for even when times are rough. Obviously I'm grateful for many more things but these are just some of the things I came up with.              


Freshly baked cookies out of the oven


Right after rain on a hot day

Freshly cut grass

The hardware store


Apple cider on a fall day


The ocean

Clean laundry right out of the dryer

A guy with a really nice cologne

My parents’ cooking
Fruity chapstick
French fries for days
Minty gum
The fresh taste of mouthwash
Catching a snowflake on my tongue
Sunsets and sunrises equally
An amazing movie
A graded test with an A at the top
Guys in white shirts and suitsSeeing the “new you” right after a great haircut
The view from the Y at night when you can see all of the lights
Our quote wall; I love reading it every time I sit down
Seeing my roommates come home with a box of Little C’s :)
Seeing a garden grow after months of weeding
Freshly shaved legs
The ends of your hair when you get it cut
The stretch of muscles when you stretch and finally touch your toes
A newborn baby’s head
Holding a guy’s hand
Scratching someone’s back/getting yours scratched
Being squeaky clean right after a shower
Hot springs!
A really nice keyboard with just the right clicky noise
Playing a piano song perfectly
Getting your nails doneHolding a newborn kitten
Piano music
When your phone vibrates when that guy texts you back 
Super loud techno at a rave
“Dinner time!”
When the oven timer goes off and your food is done
The instant silence when a prophet or apostle walks into the room

PS. Sorry for not blogging sooner but I've been lazy hehe :)



Today was such a grand day.  We had Stake conference today so we ended earlier than normal and the sun was shining so it was warm for once. That alone would have made it a wonderful day but it got even better.

For the past couple of weeks, our dorm has been planning an Asian food night and it finally happened! We invited another dorm across the hall and made a party out of it. Carly was in charge of spring rolls and they came out beautifully (and delicious).

Korokke are a lot of work and I didn't really want to make them but Kimmie and Jess really wanted them so I showed them how to make it and off they went. I was extremely impressed with their eagerness to become Asian for the day :)

Jess going for it

They almost look Japanese.
Almost :)

Korokke! This entire tray was FULL but we ate a lot :}

And then I was in charge of the sushi. I didn't want to make it too fancy so we just did temakisushi and everyone did their own thing.

Such a colorful spread
I feel like my roommates have broadened their horizons and expanded their palates. I'm so glad we did this! Overall it was a success :)


Gosh I love this girl. We don't talk as much as we used to but we skyped the other day and it was like nothing had changed. We talked about the usual drama in our lives and basically just caught up. I'm so glad we've stayed friends. I figured we would but there's always that little grain of fear.

I've known Aubrey since I was 5 and although we weren't friends right off (3rd grade..hehe), we became really good friends around 8th or 9th grade. It's kind of funny because it was through Aubrey that I met and became good friends with Nerissa, Kelsey, Monica, and Anna.

She's also been my dancing buddy since we were 5. We've gone through studio drama, crazy dance teacher(s), pecking order fiascos, injuries, and amazing & awful performances. Driving together to dance with the windows down and music blasting is one of my favorite memories. I'll always remember our countless sleepovers, TPing adventures, truth or dare games, summers in Spokane, dance rehearsals, and venting sessions. I know I can count on her and even though she's growing up and graduating this June, she better not forget about me when she goes off to college... :) Love you Aubsters Lobsters!



I was just looking through old pictures and it brought back a lot of memories. So here you go :)

Puddle jumping with the best friends in good old Enumclaw rain :)

The excitement of being done! :)

Fotoshoot fun

Prommmm; Nerissaaa

Summer; car rides; loud music

Being young and playing dress up

Cross country; Seaside

Our random crazy bonding sleepover

Wild sleepovers

This inspiring girl

Oh seminary


This night overall hahaha

Miss Lexiieee

Dancing; my best friend

Wiiiiiiiitzel. Enough said.

This picture says it all :)


The longer I’m here at BYU, the more I realize how much I didn’t know or appreciate before I came. One thing that stands out right now is that you find out who your true friends in high school were because they’re the only ones that make the effort to talk to you. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but if you had said that to me at the end of my senior year when everyone was promising each other they’d keep in touch, I wouldn’t have believed it. Everyone is going their own way and making their own lives. High school and all of its drama seems so insignificant now. Some days I miss it but most days I don’t.
There’s one person especially I’ve come to appreciate a lot since coming to college. Well there’s multiple but right now I’m talking about someone who needs to hear this. She knows who she is. Truth to be told, I didn’t really want to go to college with this person nor live with her. I wanted to do “my own thing.” And I was scared that if we lived together we wouldn’t stay friends and that I’d basically get sick of her. And since we were good enough friends when we were choosing what to do, I told her this. She took it well and let me choose (kind of J). I can now honestly say that I’m so glad we both chose to come to BYU for ourselves and decided to live together. We both have our own opinions and sometimes they’re very different but we just agree to disagree. I’d like to think that we’ve somewhat expanded each others’ horizons.
But more than learning to get along, we’ve grown closer. She supports me and vice versa. We know when each other is feeling down and needs a pick me up or how to react when there’s a great story told. We’re both honest enough to say what the other person may not want to hear. We know how to laugh loudly and get craaazy. One of us is more passive while the other is slightly more aggressive. We are so different yet we think the same thing at the same time. We talk to each other in our sleep. She’s my wingman and I’m hers. She’s my partner in crime and my date on the days that we just need a girls’ night. We both try to help each other be the best we can be on the days that we aren’t going crazy. She's the white to my rice. 
But want to know the best part? We’re living together next year as well. Let the fun times continue!