happy monday!

some people post about how much they love their husband.
but since that won't be happening around here for a while,
here's how much i love my roommate. 
she's the ketchup to my fries and the grilled cheese to my tomato soup.
she's the bomb.
that's all :)

hope everyone had a great weekend!
happy monday!



the morning of our race was silly cold. while we waited i wore multiple layers, a cozy hat, and sat in a heated tent but i was still cold. it was a halloween race so there were lots of crazy costumes. thor, axe murder, the devil, ninja turtle, eve, peter pan...the list was endless. there was even a purple teletubby that ran the entire marathon in her costume.

i wish i could say that i killed that race but...i didn't. that race chewed me up and then spit me back out. the course was different than the one listed and a bit more hilly. as in, the entire first half was mostly uphill. and then, because it had snowed and was so cold some of the water cups at the aid stations had a sheet of ice over them. gatorade popsicle anyone? i could go on about how at one point maybe i cried and said i couldn't go on or how i acted like gollum for a solid hour {liz you're doing awesome! i can't run anymore. shut up and suck it up! but it hurts, i just want to walk. don't even think about it! ahhh} but i'm trying to focus on the positive. thanks to a miracle woman on the trail who randomly decided to run with me and emily who rode her bicycle next to me, i was able to finish the last three miles.

running this marathon was the hardest thing, mentally and physically, i have ever done in my life, but i finished. and really, that's what counts. i'm not dwelling on how i didn't make my goal time or how slow i was. i finished and i'm proud of myself. and i deserved every single french fry that i ate at red robin afterwards.

ps. if you see a girl waddling around like a duck, that's me.


dear little brother...

so it was your birthday a couple days ago, but you already know that. you've been so excited to turn 18 and grow up that you've been saying "i turn 18 this year!" since january. and now you finally are!
you are no longer jonafat or jonafinny. you are jonathan. you are no longer the chubby, tantrum-throwing, fight-over-every-cool-lego-piece, obnoxious little brother that you used to be.
you're much more mature now ;)
but really,
you inspire me to work {out} harder
your jokes make me laugh, even when i try not to because they're inappropriate
my dreams aren't as big as yours but that's ok because those big dreams make you you
the genuine way you treat people makes me want to be better
i wish my sense of adventure was as crazy as yours
the way you keep your standards high reminds me to do the same
and i'm so proud of the person you're becoming.

happy birthday jonathan!
so glad we're stuck in the same family ;)
but more importantly, that we're friends. 
love you.


roommate love

sharing a room with a complete stranger can be a little scary. you don't know what their habits are, what their sense of humor is like, or if you'll even get along.

this is the 2nd semester i've done it and yet again, my roommate is golden. she's hilarious, sarcastic, an athletic inspiration {3 marathons!}, and she laughs at my jokes. she's the cleanest one in the apartment, a chocolate chips lover, and likes my no pants at home policy.
we're both weird, a bit anti-social, and like going to bed early. she always tells me i'm going to do great on my tests and i tell her boys are dumb. she doesn't laugh at me when i wear flannel three days in a row and i don't laugh at her when she eats stroganoff and chocolate for breakfast. she steals my peas and i use her eggs.

but most importantly, she's my support. she's listens, covers my shelf with funny sticky notes, and knows when i'm having a hard time. someday i'll say all of this about a husband but for right now, she's my main man.


just a quickie about a hickie

some people come home from dates with hickies. i come home with dragon tattoos.
ps. notice my obsession with plaid flannel? it's getting outta hand.


when it rains, it pours

i'm kind of in love with today's chilly and rainy weather. me and my flannel are getting cozy but it makes me want to curl up in a blanket with a good book and a giant cup of cocoa. which is what i'd normally do on a friday night {except with textbooks...} but i have my first blind date tonight. and as of 20 minutes ago, i have another one tomorrow night.

people, this is huge. i've been so wrapped up in my own little world that socializing hasn't really been on the menu lately. but now i'm spending time with complete strangers? hopefully i haven't forgotten how to have a normal conversation...

in other weekend news, i've got a japanese midterm, a chinese philosophy paper that's waiting to be written, and a bed that's calling my name.

happy friday friends!

ps. i rocked that test's world.


study dates that aren't really and actual dates

my brain is about to burst. burst, people. i have a giant midterm that i'm taking in approximately 57 minutes and lemme tell ya, i'm ready to be done with it dominate it.
treaty of shimonoseki? check. year the sino-japanese war started? got it. why the japanese bombed pearl harbor? yep. do i study harder when my study buddy is attractive? you betcha.
so glad i got that off my chest. i'm ready now.
let's do this!


in which i wore my birthday suit

 i love birthdays. even if it's a week day and i wake up at 6:30 am to finish a paper on imperialism. and accidentally study for the wrong quiz, maybe even give a mediocre presentation and actually forget to take a quiz. but hey.
it was my birthday :)

***this was not a date
early morning phone calls from family, complete with croaky morning voices singing. a thai food lunch date with two of my favorite girls. showing up to work to find balloons, a card, a flower, and a bag full of candy and running gels from friends and co-workers. dinner at a japanese restaurant. being sung to in a japanese accent in class=happy basuday tsu youuu. people coming over to drop off pumpkin bread, cookies, candy, and cake. watching this and dying all over again {watch it. right now. it's funny.} eating way too much sugar and having a spazz attack. staying up until midnight singing in helium-induced high voices. best of all, getting an incredibly unexpected phone call from my family in japan.

and i thought people wouldn't remember my birthday.
silly girl.
thank you to everyone who made me feel like a million bucks.
it was a rockin' day.
cheers to being 20!

ps. i wish i had taken more pictures but who am i kidding...they would've all been of food.


this one's for you weekend

i have a rockin' draft from friday about how i spent the week talking to professors and going to info meetings, and how i finally figured out what i wanted to do for the next two years. then on saturday this announcement was made and all my plans became maybes. nothing has been decided yet but i've got a lot to think about.
the rest of my weekend was spent watching this and looking like this.

 i didn't get my homework done and i ate enough to make up for my twenty mile run. but it was a thought-provoking weekend and i learned a lot about what kind of person i need and want to become.

this week is gonna be about big girl decisions, midterms, and trying to wear something other than the flannel i've been wearing every single day too much.

ps. on the bright side, i'm a grandma in a skit/test and i get to talk about my favorite cat. it's basically practice for my future.


october babies

the sugihara kids were all born in october so it was definitely birthday month at our house growing up.
it's a little less exciting now that we celebrate through skype and birthday packages but i still love it.
 and as much as i like being the middle child, i'm glad my birthday is first ;)
crazy enough, we're all going to officially be adults this year...
but i'm ready to get this party started.
bring on the birthdays!


a skip-your-homework-and-go-shopping-instead kind of day

burritos the size of small babies. thrifting for oversized flannel and grandpa sweaters. being hilarious. gorgeous 80 degree weather. best friend. a much needed nap. a great saturday.