this one's for you weekend

i have a rockin' draft from friday about how i spent the week talking to professors and going to info meetings, and how i finally figured out what i wanted to do for the next two years. then on saturday this announcement was made and all my plans became maybes. nothing has been decided yet but i've got a lot to think about.
the rest of my weekend was spent watching this and looking like this.

 i didn't get my homework done and i ate enough to make up for my twenty mile run. but it was a thought-provoking weekend and i learned a lot about what kind of person i need and want to become.

this week is gonna be about big girl decisions, midterms, and trying to wear something other than the flannel i've been wearing every single day too much.

ps. on the bright side, i'm a grandma in a skit/test and i get to talk about my favorite cat. it's basically practice for my future.

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