in which i wore my birthday suit

 i love birthdays. even if it's a week day and i wake up at 6:30 am to finish a paper on imperialism. and accidentally study for the wrong quiz, maybe even give a mediocre presentation and actually forget to take a quiz. but hey.
it was my birthday :)

***this was not a date
early morning phone calls from family, complete with croaky morning voices singing. a thai food lunch date with two of my favorite girls. showing up to work to find balloons, a card, a flower, and a bag full of candy and running gels from friends and co-workers. dinner at a japanese restaurant. being sung to in a japanese accent in class=happy basuday tsu youuu. people coming over to drop off pumpkin bread, cookies, candy, and cake. watching this and dying all over again {watch it. right now. it's funny.} eating way too much sugar and having a spazz attack. staying up until midnight singing in helium-induced high voices. best of all, getting an incredibly unexpected phone call from my family in japan.

and i thought people wouldn't remember my birthday.
silly girl.
thank you to everyone who made me feel like a million bucks.
it was a rockin' day.
cheers to being 20!

ps. i wish i had taken more pictures but who am i kidding...they would've all been of food.

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