roommate love

sharing a room with a complete stranger can be a little scary. you don't know what their habits are, what their sense of humor is like, or if you'll even get along.

this is the 2nd semester i've done it and yet again, my roommate is golden. she's hilarious, sarcastic, an athletic inspiration {3 marathons!}, and she laughs at my jokes. she's the cleanest one in the apartment, a chocolate chips lover, and likes my no pants at home policy.
we're both weird, a bit anti-social, and like going to bed early. she always tells me i'm going to do great on my tests and i tell her boys are dumb. she doesn't laugh at me when i wear flannel three days in a row and i don't laugh at her when she eats stroganoff and chocolate for breakfast. she steals my peas and i use her eggs.

but most importantly, she's my support. she's listens, covers my shelf with funny sticky notes, and knows when i'm having a hard time. someday i'll say all of this about a husband but for right now, she's my main man.

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  1. THis is adorable. I love being married and sharing a room with my hubby but there is something different about sharing a room with one of your best friends... staying up late and having girl talk or watching chick flicks... so much fun! Enjoy it while you can :)