dear little brother...

so it was your birthday a couple days ago, but you already know that. you've been so excited to turn 18 and grow up that you've been saying "i turn 18 this year!" since january. and now you finally are!
you are no longer jonafat or jonafinny. you are jonathan. you are no longer the chubby, tantrum-throwing, fight-over-every-cool-lego-piece, obnoxious little brother that you used to be.
you're much more mature now ;)
but really,
you inspire me to work {out} harder
your jokes make me laugh, even when i try not to because they're inappropriate
my dreams aren't as big as yours but that's ok because those big dreams make you you
the genuine way you treat people makes me want to be better
i wish my sense of adventure was as crazy as yours
the way you keep your standards high reminds me to do the same
and i'm so proud of the person you're becoming.

happy birthday jonathan!
so glad we're stuck in the same family ;)
but more importantly, that we're friends. 
love you.

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  1. this is probably the best birthday gift i could ever receive. it took me by surprise! love you Mei!