the summer before college

last night, this girl's hubby was gone so we had ourselves a good ol' girls night. another old roommate joined and we watched a movie and had some much needed girl talk. if you remember, I had a hard time letting her get married. we both knew that our friendship would change and we were right, it has. even though we text each other, go on lunch dates, and still send each other silly pictures, it's not the same.

our conversations don't consist of every single detail of daily life, we're at different places in life, and when something exciting happens, we aren't on each other's first-person-who-has-to-know! list.

but you know, I'm okay with that. change is good for people, especially me. and last night was a perfect reminder that despite the different paths that change has brought, man we've had some serious good times the past couple of years. but most importantly, we're going to keep having a good time.

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