memorial weekend fun

I started off my weekend on Friday with a fun lunch date with Elisabeth. we caught up on life over giant slices of pizza and plan to do it again in a couple weeks.

that night, a guy in our ward set up a huge screen for an outdoor movie. some people carried out their couches but most people brought out blankets and pillows. I can proudly say that I have finally seen Sandlot. it was hilarious. I would highly recommend it. afterwards, we rounded up some people from the ward for a quick Wendy's run. Ever ordered a Michael Jackson? {it's a frosty that is half vanilla half chocolate}. I never had and was a little skeptical but we ordered 6 and the guy didn't even hesitate before telling us how much we owed. once we got our goods, we blasted music while eating in the parking lot like high schoolers. it was grand.

that night, Ky and I were on our own so we decided to enjoy the warm summer night. we dragged all of our blankets up to the roof and giggled hysterically like middle schoolers. so those windows? yep they're boys apartments. we got a few comments like Sooo...how was sleeping on the roof? and So you're the ones who were out there! {hopefully they didn't mind the flash going off a thousand times around midnight hehe}

saturday was a pretty low-key day. I was a sack of lazy bones until early afternoon when I finally decided to go running. I love running in the rain but I was kind of bummed it was such a gloomy day. I read, napped, and waited for Ky to come home. when she did, we had some roommate bonding time-- better known as a we're-tired-but-so-hyper-we've-lost-our-minds kind of thing. when we decided to be normal again, we redboxed {yes it's a verb} the woman in black, which is the new daniel radcliffe movie. I screamed, Ky jumped, and Taylor, one of our guy friends, had to get up, shout, and walk around because he couldn't just sit and watch it. conclusion: the movie had no real resolution, it was lame, and dan the man should just stick to enjoying his harry potter glory.

sunday included church, more napping, and some reading. if you're ever looking for a thought provoking read,  c s lewis' book "mere christianity" is really good. we had dinner group where we ate possibly one of the best lasagnas I've ever had {sorry mama!} and this amazing chocolate dessert that had no gluten, no sugar, and no dairy.

for monday I had high aspirations of waking up early and going running. instead, I woke up two hours later than planned and had to run in the heat. for the sake of others, I would also not encourage anyone to eat over twenty-ish cookies in two days. I felt like I was running through molasses.
that afternoon, I went to tucanos with some friends and ate way too much. then we walked around, went to a toy store, played in some water, and watched a movie.

that night we had a ward activity. lots of volleyball, 4 square/9 square, popsicles, and sparklers. we have a great ward and it seems like everyone is friends with everyone. some of us crazier ones jumped into the pool afterwards but were kicked out because we were being loud and it was after pool curfew. woops! so we crashed a neighboring apartments pool and hot tub.

it would have been nice to be able to go to the graveyard back home and pay my respects to those who have served our country but I'll just have to do that when I go home. {23 days!!} I'm grateful for those who have served though and who are still serving.

too bad every weekend isn't three days long. life would be so much better. how did everyone else's weekend go?

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