this week was somewhat uneventful. the couch and tv were my best friend for the couple days I didn't feel super great. quick side note: I have this new shameful love for trash tv. not bad trash, good trash. ever heard of gypsy wedding or duck dynasty? so great. I didn't run for two days {woops!}. during the rest of the week, I made a huuuge batch of pasta, went on a scavenger hunt, played a you'll-only-see-this-in-provo kind of rugby, went to chipotles with Jess, went on a spontaneous wendy's run with some old friends, and all the while getting excited for something big. it's 95% a for sure thing but next week it'll be a 100% just you wait.

humor always livens up a dull week. now, I think I'm a funny person but it's really who I'm around. these are some of the funnies floating around lately:
--I really don't want you to be an old maid with lots of cats // jessica
--so the other day when I was sitting on the toilet... // it's a seeecret
--curses. I mean, I'm happy for you and all, but where was I?! // carly
--that was the lady who brought over a dead deer as a token of affection // coworker
--the sky looks like it smoked weed // kylee
--girl, if this were high school, I'd be jumping her. but I left that behind at graduation // kylee
--I need a fart machine // taylor. you need a pharmacy? // luke
--every time I see those lips...I just want to bite them! // sarah
--megablocks are clearly lower class than legos. everyone knows that. // liz

here's to boring weeks, funny people, and exciting weekends! hope everyone has a fun weekend :)

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  1. One does not need to be an old maid in order to acquire many cats. :-)