happy birthday dad!

my dad is the one who sang us to sleep when we were little

he's the one who taught me how to tie my shoelaces

he's the one who yelled at encouraged us to eat our vegetables

he's the one who would tickle us almost to the point of peeing our pants when we were little

he's the one who makes delicious curry and clam chowder

he's the one who goes fishing for the family

he's the one who encourages us to not compare ourselves to others

he's the one who is frugal beyond belief

he's the one who can pull off a mustache

he's the one who was against getting cats but was totally suckered into getting them and now loves them more than his own children

he's the one who will pick me up from the airport next week with sushi

he's the one with a serious look on his face but goes completely silly when he sees a cute baby

he's the one who makes the ridiculous jokes mixing english and japanese

he's the one who shops at goodwill, d.i., and pawnshops

he's the one I call お父さん.

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  1. Dad, Masaki SugiharaJune 17, 2012 at 7:25 AM

    Thank you, Mei. Thank you for making me your father. I am very happy for being a father of three children. Soumds really great being called
    Dad. I love you. Yes. I am going to the airport to pick you up with SUSHI. HAHAHA! Dad