home is


--where I go on a run and come back soaking wet but the only thing I'm worried about is my ipod
--my mom picking strawberries and telling me I can eat as many as I want...so I do
--my cat sleeping at the foot of my bed, on my face, and on my arm all in one night
--seeing green everywhere
--remembering that patience with a little brother is different than patience with roommates
--when my little cousin sees me, shouts my name, and jumps into my arms
--seeing the girls I used to dance with perform and wishing I was on the stage with them
--looking through old photo albums and laughing at how chubby we used to be
--eating meals I didn't cook
--spending my friday night watching a movie with my parents and not wanting it any other way
--remembering how to pick up a phone without saying byu travel, this is liz
--talking to my high school best friend for hours like nothing has changed
--watching cat videos with my dad
--everyone asking if I've found my husband yet


  1. I'm loving having you home! :-)

  2. So sorry about that last one....
    Glad you're having fun though!