current obsession: strawberries. I constantly crave them.

can't get enough of maxi skirts. the ones I own are worn at least once a week. they're like sweats but in skirt form

38 days until I'm home

my camelbak waterbottle and I are attached at the lips. I'm on my 7th refill of the day

I missed my mama yesterday. wish I could've shared mother's day with her

there are so many knots in my back and I reeeeally want a massage

prayer is powerful

Heavenly Father knows my needs much better than I do

the human body is impressive. most of what we think we can't do is merely psychological. learning to push past those thoughts and seeing what your body is truly capable of is fulfilling. and fun :)

call me shallow but a man's attractiveness goes up when he owns a motorcycles

choosing to stay in provo for the summer = best decision. "I love summer" comes out of my mouth almost every day

great conversations are born on warm summer nights

the tan lines from my t shirt combined with my one-strap swimsuit tan line remind me that I need to visit the poolside chairs more often

I googled random facts today...did you know that by the end of your life, you will have shed 40 lbs of skin?

I also now understand the difference between steel-cut oats and rolled oats

when there's a lull at work, I browse recipes. I even adapted one and made an amazing dinner. peanut sauce, broccoli, tofu, and noodles? yummy.

I think it's funny that saying "oh you're so domestic" is a common compliment here

we're having a once upon a time party tonight. it's gonna be bomb

that's about it and now it's time for me to leave work.

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  1. I missed YOU on Mother's Day, too! Only 36 more days before I can give you a back massage. :-)