cake batter(ing)

last night a friend had a birthday party. we all went to the park to celebrate but rather than eat cake, we threw it at each other. we ran around yelling while there was full-on wrestling, tackling people to the ground, and gooey hugs/high fives/face grabbing all around. cake batter got everywhere. in the ears, nose, underneath shirts, eyes, you get the idea.
when you're baking and a little batter gets on a finger, you usually just lick it off and don't think too much of it.
lemme tell you though, when it gets everywhere that stuff is sticky. I have never been so messy in my life. this made the festival of colors seem like a pleasant walk in the park. the strawberry and devil's food cake batter made me smell {and taste} like a lip smackers chapstick. but once my shorts starting gluing themselves to my legs and my hair started drying into a solid blob, it was clean-up time.
hose water is always freeeezing cold and last night was no different. it was a warm night but it sure didn't feel like it. the guy in charge of the hose was ruthless but I returned the favor when it was his turn to be sprayed down. cleaning off was by far the worst part, but who knew getting messy could be so fun. happy birthday kj!



**there were about 30 people total but those before&after pictures and pictures with the birthday girl were taken on someone else's camera. there was no way I was going to put my camera at risk.

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