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last summer I worked a couple jobs and combined, I worked full time. I'm only working one this summer and rather than chasing around littles and arguing with tourists, I'm spending my time at a desk.
it's a little different.
no more making mac n cheese all the time, no more free seafood from the fish guys at pike place, and no more telling children to keep their sticky hands off of honey sticks {why do these all have to do with food?}.
no more unlimited trampoline time. no more coming home so exhausted that I just want to sleep. no more driving an hour to get to work on saturdays. heck, no more work on saturdays!
these days, it's more along the lines of "BYU travel, this is Liz. I'm sorry, they're unavailable at the moment. Can I take a message?" and making sure the 19 poinsettias in our office stay alive. I'm faster than ever at stuffing envelopes {and getting paper cuts}, filing, and making copies. I even hung up pictures of my family up so I get to look at their faces when I sit in front of the computer :)
I'm trying really hard to not pick up habits from my co-workers. I get the feeling that if I started saying "holy martha!" or "sakes alive!" I would be mocked even more than when I started saying "oh my lanta." I'll stick to having just one grandma phrase.
there are some definite perks to the job though. we had a potluck today and there was so. much. food. there was tons of chips and salsa {aka my weakness}, pasta, fruit salad, hummus, fried chicken, cookies, salad, and two amazing cakes-- tres leches cake and a chocolate eclair cake. needless to say, I ate too much. we're also having a birthday party this friday for someone in my office and we're going somewhere for lunch. basically, we're all food lovers.
my boss is really relaxed and is letting me take work off to visit home. he also likes to crack jokes and it's always a great day when I successfully pull one off ;) although having my name tag on upside down for a couple of hours and accidentally answering the phone "BYU travel, this is Todd. I mean, Liz. My name is Liz"   wasn't done on purpose.

goodbye work-free summers, you were really boring. my job is fun and entertaining. and I like having money. love, liz

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