Hurray for big girl pants and big girl jobs!

Today was a great day



Okay so it was more like yesterday that I got the phone call that made me jump and skip around and shout Yessss! at the top of my lungs.

But TODAY was the day that I was officially made an employee, met the co-workers {and everyone else in the building}, and got the grand tour. The staff kitchen is definitely going to be a perk. {now I don’t have to sneakily use the one on the top floor of the library..}

I also made myself salmon {the good northwestern kind} with lemon juice and whole wheat pasta with pesto, tomatoes, and parmesan for dinner. YUM.
And now I'm warm and cozy sitting in my bed blogging when I should be doing homework. 
Do I have a paper due and midterm tomorrow that I haven't studied for? Yep.

Life is GREAT.

Oh and guess who's going to a Groundhog's Day party tomorrow and eating biscuits and groundhog gravy?

This girl.

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  1. Yeah!! I'm so happy for you and your new job!
    And I'm very interested in that groundhog gravy--Granny once told me that groundhog didn't taste real good....how did you like it?