flicks, failures, and foolery

Went to see The Vow with some of my favorite neighborlies and old roommate and it was goood. I felt like the movie lacked a liiiittle something but the girls on either side of me cried so maybe it's me that's missing something? A heart?
Either way, we snuck in a solid amount of popcorn and cookies and had a grand time.

On Saturday I went to my first bachelorette party. Fun stuffs. That night we decided to go on some DI adventures and attempt a pinterest diy. Note to self: it's probably a good thing to read the instructions carefully before attempting something. We're going to try again but it's safe to say that the first try was a complete failure.

Oh and remember how I said Provo was acting like spring? Well Provo pulled a fast one and I woke up to two inches of snow. Aaaand it hasn't stopped snowing since. Lucky for us females, the men walked home from church early to get their cars to drive the ladies home.

We wrapped the weekend up with waffle/breakfast foods potluck, a game of settlers of catan, a great skype session, and the usual sunday night mingling. Sorry homework, but I'm not really sorry that I neglected you. But I might feel otherwise tomorrow.

*Carly went home for the weekend, hence the absence from the snow pictures...we missed her.

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