My mama


hurray for moms who:
root for their kids 24/7
tell their kids to go outside and play
believe in teaching healthy eating habits
aren't afraid to tell their kids when they're being dumb
but also letting them dream big
who are willing to travel the world with little kids
work hard in the garden to provide fresh veggies for their family
trust their kids to make the right choices
take backtalk from their teenage daughters and still love them
who have big almost 10 pound babies and live to tell the tale
work their tushies off so their kids can go have fun 
are honest and not afraid to talk about "touchy" real life stuff
who stand up for their children
make breakfast and school lunches every day
drive to countless ballet classes and rehearsals 
let their kids be independent in their own way
love their kids enough to enforce consequences 
who have the strength to blend two cultures from opposites sides of the world
want their kids to have the gospel in their life
save kittens that were abused 
follow their own dreams even if they've been put on hold for a while
take pictures so that their kids can look back and remember their childhood
drag  their children out of bed to read scriptures
help their kids with homework {until the math gets too hard}
teach of the importance of family
But mostly, yay for my mom.

Happy Birthday Mom! 
You just keep getting younger and younger every year ;)
You've taught me more than I could ever thank you for. 
Hope your day was great. 
Love you!


  1. It WAS a good day! Thank you for the birthday message--I printed it out and taped it to my office wall. [Don't tell anyone it made me tear up...]

  2. Cute blog! I like your style! I found you via la vita bella!



  3. That is so sweet! I love mom-bday shout outs! I did one for my mom too and she said she cried, too! haha Your pictures are really sweet too.