Friday was hectic but even so, it was a great day. Remember this test? I'm happy to say that I did better than expected and maybe I'll even pass the class! That's always a day brightener. But after three classes, two midterms, and a job interview {keep your fingers crossed!}, I was ready for the weekend. Friday night was filled with catching up on girl talk, Chipotle, window shopping {with a bit of buying}, and driving around looking at big houses and the temple in Draper.

 {we both agreed that we've matured since not living with eachother...but it's safe to say that we still act immature when together}

Saturday started out wonderfully with a trip to the Provo temple and Starbucks. Later on there was a ward activity with food and games and then we had apartment date night. We may or may not have embraced our inner child when decorating cookies and playing the game Quelf.


Sunday was a beautiful freezing cold sunny day. Church was full of learning on how to make the right decisions at the right time, loving those around us, having charity, and learning to serve. The rest of my afternoon was spent visiting friends and relaxing. I love my one day of the week where I don't feel guilty taking time to rest.  Sarah {my roommate} was in charge of dinner and we had real Hispanic food-- homemade beans, rice, and tortillas. It was so good.

Hope everyone's weekend was great!

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  1. I LOVE Chipotle. Love love love.

    It looks like such a grand weekend!