As I've been at work this week, I've listened to so many who are about to travel the world. Hotel reservations in Paris, rail passes for Germany, flights to New Zealand, study abroads to Russia, you name it. I get so excited for these people, most of whom are just a name on a page. I get excited for all the amazing sites they will see, new things they will learn, and the new people they'll run into.

Traveling is a beautiful thing and some days, I just want to go jump on an airplane and fly to Mongolia or Turkey or anywhere. But I'm here, at school, and it's winter. Lately though, I've been great with that. The other day I read this and I began to think about the little things that bring me joy. But rather than think about material things, I've been trying to recognize the little things people do. I love that the roommates ask how my day went and how they will listen to me ramble on and on about whatever I need to talk about. I love that the girls from upstairs invited me to go with them to see a movie today. Carly and I came up with an exercise and healthy eating plan and I love that we're supporting each other through it. I love the feeling of seeing someone I know on campus and smiling at them or saying a quick hello.

As I've thought about all of the little things people do for me, I've realized that I want to be like that, too. This past week I've tried really hard to do something for someone at least once a day. And I've discovered that doing that makes my life that much better.
Yes I would love to go to Ghana or Haiti and do humanitarian work and feel like I'm saving the world. But I can do good every day by doing just a little something for someone. Live with the intention of asking yourself at the end of every day
What did I do for someone else today?

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  1. elizabeth, i love you. and this. thought you should know