A good change?

Last night I had a conversation with Jonathan and this is basically how it went:

Jonathan: You are so embarrassing.
Me: How so?
Jonathan: That one picture on Facebook... (he was referring to a certain picture that Jessica had added)
Me: You know you're proud to call me your sister ;)
Jonathan: Yeah...sometimes...haha
Me: You know what, life is better when you're goofy.
Jonathan: Yeah until someone looks at you weird..

I don't know why this struck me. Jonathan made an amazing point. How afraid are people to be goofy because someone might think a little differently of them? And how quick are people to think differently of others when they are a little weird/different/goofy? How much do we care what others think? I'd like to think that I don't but I know that I do about certain things.

On a different yet similar note, someone the other day said they couldn't imagine me being shy. That struck me as well; where did the shy (aka silent) middle schooler go? Had I finally gotten rid of her?! My goal the past few years has been to be more open and more...myself. And it seems like I'm getting closer to that goal. As I look back on my first year at college, I think maybe sometimes I was a little too goofy and loud at times but I'm learning how to balance "being me" while keeping my loud laugh under wraps. And just for my many readers' entertainment (but mostly my mom's), here is a glimpse of me caught in one of those moments where I lost all control over my laughter (hopefully this will make up for my lack of recent blogging).

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