Gosh I love this girl. We don't talk as much as we used to but we skyped the other day and it was like nothing had changed. We talked about the usual drama in our lives and basically just caught up. I'm so glad we've stayed friends. I figured we would but there's always that little grain of fear.

I've known Aubrey since I was 5 and although we weren't friends right off (3rd grade..hehe), we became really good friends around 8th or 9th grade. It's kind of funny because it was through Aubrey that I met and became good friends with Nerissa, Kelsey, Monica, and Anna.

She's also been my dancing buddy since we were 5. We've gone through studio drama, crazy dance teacher(s), pecking order fiascos, injuries, and amazing & awful performances. Driving together to dance with the windows down and music blasting is one of my favorite memories. I'll always remember our countless sleepovers, TPing adventures, truth or dare games, summers in Spokane, dance rehearsals, and venting sessions. I know I can count on her and even though she's growing up and graduating this June, she better not forget about me when she goes off to college... :) Love you Aubsters Lobsters!

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