So initially this post started out as a "copy Jessica's great idea" but it slowly turned into a "wow I have a lot to be grateful for." This past week was a little rough but through a lot of divine help as well as roommate help, I got through it. I also realized that I still have so much to be grateful for even when times are rough. Obviously I'm grateful for many more things but these are just some of the things I came up with.              


Freshly baked cookies out of the oven


Right after rain on a hot day

Freshly cut grass

The hardware store


Apple cider on a fall day


The ocean

Clean laundry right out of the dryer

A guy with a really nice cologne

My parents’ cooking
Fruity chapstick
French fries for days
Minty gum
The fresh taste of mouthwash
Catching a snowflake on my tongue
Sunsets and sunrises equally
An amazing movie
A graded test with an A at the top
Guys in white shirts and suitsSeeing the “new you” right after a great haircut
The view from the Y at night when you can see all of the lights
Our quote wall; I love reading it every time I sit down
Seeing my roommates come home with a box of Little C’s :)
Seeing a garden grow after months of weeding
Freshly shaved legs
The ends of your hair when you get it cut
The stretch of muscles when you stretch and finally touch your toes
A newborn baby’s head
Holding a guy’s hand
Scratching someone’s back/getting yours scratched
Being squeaky clean right after a shower
Hot springs!
A really nice keyboard with just the right clicky noise
Playing a piano song perfectly
Getting your nails doneHolding a newborn kitten
Piano music
When your phone vibrates when that guy texts you back 
Super loud techno at a rave
“Dinner time!”
When the oven timer goes off and your food is done
The instant silence when a prophet or apostle walks into the room

PS. Sorry for not blogging sooner but I've been lazy hehe :)

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