The longer I’m here at BYU, the more I realize how much I didn’t know or appreciate before I came. One thing that stands out right now is that you find out who your true friends in high school were because they’re the only ones that make the effort to talk to you. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but if you had said that to me at the end of my senior year when everyone was promising each other they’d keep in touch, I wouldn’t have believed it. Everyone is going their own way and making their own lives. High school and all of its drama seems so insignificant now. Some days I miss it but most days I don’t.
There’s one person especially I’ve come to appreciate a lot since coming to college. Well there’s multiple but right now I’m talking about someone who needs to hear this. She knows who she is. Truth to be told, I didn’t really want to go to college with this person nor live with her. I wanted to do “my own thing.” And I was scared that if we lived together we wouldn’t stay friends and that I’d basically get sick of her. And since we were good enough friends when we were choosing what to do, I told her this. She took it well and let me choose (kind of J). I can now honestly say that I’m so glad we both chose to come to BYU for ourselves and decided to live together. We both have our own opinions and sometimes they’re very different but we just agree to disagree. I’d like to think that we’ve somewhat expanded each others’ horizons.
But more than learning to get along, we’ve grown closer. She supports me and vice versa. We know when each other is feeling down and needs a pick me up or how to react when there’s a great story told. We’re both honest enough to say what the other person may not want to hear. We know how to laugh loudly and get craaazy. One of us is more passive while the other is slightly more aggressive. We are so different yet we think the same thing at the same time. We talk to each other in our sleep. She’s my wingman and I’m hers. She’s my partner in crime and my date on the days that we just need a girls’ night. We both try to help each other be the best we can be on the days that we aren’t going crazy. She's the white to my rice. 
But want to know the best part? We’re living together next year as well. Let the fun times continue!   


  1. I'm sooo glad you two have become attached at the hip and are not at each others throats! You have a very unique relationship--treasure it, protect it, and enjoy every minute of it.


  2. Thanks Mei :)

    I'm sure whoever this friend is, they're equally glad to be your friend as well.