this one is for you mama

it was your 50th birthday yesterday and i know you didn't like it.
"fifty already? where did the time go? almost an empty nester? no way!"
(the list goes on)
but first, i wanted to congratulate you for making it to fifty.
not everyone does, you know.
and think of all that you have done!
you served a mission for our church.
you got married to the right person, at the right time, at the right place, and you're still married!
you raised three kids, one who is especially awesome ;)
you've traveled to and lived on three continents.
you're a master gardener, baby whisperer, cat caretaker.
you're adventurous enough to try and grow anything, animal or plant.
you can put any fruit or vegetable in a jar, have it keep, and make it taste good.
you're quite the visionary; you see potential projects from stuff others think is garbage.
and let's be honest, who else do we know that can rock purple hair like you do?
there's a lot more that i know you can come up with
so before you go thinking "so what have i done with my life?" think about all that you've accomplished!
and besides, you've only reached the halfway benchmark; just think of what's to come!
love you so much mama.
hanging out with you the past three months has been so much fun.
i'm so happy i decided to come home :)
happy birthday!
ps. and wasn't that a bomb chicken pot pie?

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  1. Thank you. You made turning 50 worth it. :-)
    And yes, that chicken pot pie was definitely bomb!