halfie life + bit of chinese

--hanging out with my dad at his school while he teaches japanese classes all day.

--going to an asian store but not realizing it was the day before chinese new year. the place was PACKED.

--picking up my japanese passport! the lady at the consulate had to verify it was me because "i looked nothing like my picture"

--my dad coming home the other night with pizza and sushi for dinner. nothing like a little 'merica and nippon.

--thanks to our chinese exchange student, eating a feast for chinese new year! i'm always up for celebrating another holiday with food ;)

--digging through my mom's desk and finding 25 passports. you would think we've been traveling our entire lives. ha.

--also finding in my mom's desk my little japanese coin purse that i stashed away before leaving for college, and then finding 10,000 yen in it (the equivalent to about a $100)! thanks for making my day coin purse!

--going to costco and buying a giant box of tampax because most stores in japan don't sell them.

--this new habit i have of putting hot sauce of errryyyythang. pizza, chicken nuggets, broccoli, rice...you get the idea.

i like my halfie life. 

^^the family + alex. 


  1. halfie life is the best :) i made sushi tonight ahhh so yyummyy. I LOVE that your japanese passport is red hahaha! My mom said they are now blue, to "blend in with americans more so they don't get hunted down".... oh my asian mom... haha. mine is blue, but i got it maybe two years ago.

    my little brother got called to serve in Korea! I was surprised he didn't get called to japan like you!!!!

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying your "halfie life"! I know I like it (and I'm not even a halfie). :-)
    @ Rachel Sayumi--you're mom is right about the 5-year blue passports. I was in Japan when they made the change from large red passports to the smaller, blue (USA size and color) passports. All the newspapers claimed the change was due largely to other Asians stealing Japanese passports out of businessmen's back pockets since they were too big to fit into shirt pockets or inside suit jacket pockets. And since every Japanese citizen knows that their country is *the* most prosperous and desireable of ALL Asian countries,they just couldn't risk any more fraudulant and illegal immigration. (The continued emphasis on Japan's prosperity and the other Asians' envy got pretty humerous after awhile.) Not sure why they kept the 10-year passports red, though, if it really was such a problem.....

  3. I'm jealous of all of these passports you guys have! Traveling all the time is my dream! And happy belated Chinese New Year! Woo!!! :)
    xo TJ