back when friday nights meant party time

back in high school, friday night meant "YES-time-to-hang-out-with-friends-a-sleepover?-sure-why-not!" i tried my very bestest to have plans for both friday and saturday night. and for some reason, felt the need to document any and every possible moment and then, have cute little photo ops at 2:00 am. those photos are gold my friends.
since tonight is friday and i don't have exciting friday nights anymore (or really any exciting nights out), i decided to dig through old pictures.
it wasn't unusual for me to come home from a sleepover with 200 photos from the night so here are some prime ones from just two nights.
**the following photos may contain embarrassing faces, sugar induced hyperness, and plain teenage craziness. consider yourself warned. 

thanks for indulging me. now if only i could get some of that energy back... ;)

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  1. hahaha This is great! I miss those 2 AM photoshoots too!
    Hope you have a great weekend!