of babies and kids

while i've been home, i've been lucky to find some part-time work watching kids in addition to helping out my mom with her nanny job. so lately it hasn't been an uncommon thing to have two to four kids at the house. but as grateful as i am for the extra cash, frankly, it's really tiring. i'm only on the job from nine to five; imagine if it was 24/7! i seriously tip my hat off to mamas for how much they do, how much they love their kids, and wearing anything but yoga pants and oversized shirts.

surprisingly, all of this baby time has been a happy wake up call. rather than feeling lonely and almost bitter left out for not getting married yet, i feel awesome! i'm clearly not ready to take care of littles or even take care of a husband but i don't have to worry about all that shtuffs for another two-ish years. i know a mission is going to be exhausting hard work but at least i won't have to change any diapers and i'll get a solid eight hours of sleep at night ;) so thanks babies for reminding me to be happy with where i'm at in life; my future babies thank you!

**this isn't meant to be offensive to anyone who is married and/or has children. this is where i'm at in life and i'm happy about it.

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  1. Haha, no offense taken! When i was pregnant people kept coming up to me a saying, "Having a baby changes your life." and i was all like, "yeah. yeah. i know. shut up already." and then i had my son and i was like, "oh." XD

    But of course i wouldn't trade it for the world! It's different when it's your own kid!

    It's great to be content with where you are in life!