miss me? me either.

from 2012
and yes, that's purple in my mother's hair.
i'm not really sure where to begin. the three posts that are saved in my drafts? sorry i'm not sorry for not blogging for a month? hope you're doing well? well now that that's out of the way...
i spent two weeks in japan with my family and had an amazing time. it's been years since all five of us have spent more than two days together so that plus seeing extended family made for a wonderful trip.

i'm living at home again and surprisingly enjoying it more than i thought i would. i love my family (and not paying rent) but living on my own for two plus years has made me independent. i like living on my own, braving roommate drama, and going to school. but i've rediscovered something obvious: it's nice to live with people who have known me my entire life. not just liz who's going to college, but ME me. the me who danced for 14 years, who gets cranky, who loves to cuddle with cats and read. the chubby kid me, the awkward teenage me, and the trying to become an adult me. is this cheesy enough yet? the point is, in this key time when i'm trying to prepare for my biggest adventure and responsibility yet, i'm happy i have them by my side.
 to prepare, i've been doing a lot of reading and journal writing. my usual hour or two a day is nothing compared to what i will be doing but baby steps, right? other than that, i fill my time with helping my mom and playing with babies. i thought i would miss school and all that comes with it (social life, people my own age, you know) buuuuut i don't. sure, i miss a little male interaction with men other than furry ones and blood related ones but that's not really where i'm at in life.

so there you have it. you didn't miss much ;) if the internet cooperates and i can upload photos, i'll do a few posts on japan. if not, well you'll just have to believe me that it was bomb :)

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