(lack of) christmas

fujie//where i'm headed
our family is doing things a little differently this year for christmas.
there is no tree up in my house.
the boxes full of decorations are still in the garage.
and we aren't buying eachother presents this year.
it sounds like we're scrooges but we're really not.
but this year we're going to Japan to visit my dad's family. after 4 looong years i will finally get to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. but since they aren't christian, christmas means nothing to them. it's a regular day where people get up and go to work. it's a little sad but they sure know how to celebrate new years ;)
but between me and the moment i walk through their door is four airports, three flights, two layovers, and one already tired girl who will be traveling by herself. wish me luck! and merry christmas season to YOU :)

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