Nippon :: Part One :: Picking Hassaku

this year we flew separately because of different schedules, money, etc. so i arrived second and for the first time, arrived in the morning. with the change in time zones, it was bizarre traveling for 23 hours (never again do i want a four segment trip!!) and then having another full day. i wasn't as tired as i thought i'd be so helping pick the hassaku was no problem.
in a way, this is what makes me feel most connected to my dad. he helped in the garden and fields after school when he was a kid and during the summers in college. his childhood was obviously a lot different than mine and much harder, but this gives me an idea of what part of his growing up was like. plus it makes me happy that we made the job go faster for my grandparents :)
^^pretty much a natural, amiright? (i like the farm stuff only when it's once in a while)

 ^^twinners. uncle yoshiki is older by 20 minutes though ;)
 ^^my mama looking good.
 ^^we pick them in december but they aren't ripe until april sooo...i've never eaten them. they ripen in the shed.
 ^^my 85 year old Ojiisan who still climbs trees. other than my dad, he's the hardest worker i know.
 ^^we actually really enjoy this. they did a lot of it before we got there but we were happy to pick the rest for them.

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